The popular competitive shooter Rainbow Six Siege continues to march on, nearing the end of its unplanned Operation Health phase. The newest expansion, Blood Orchid, will mark the first major content release in over 6 months since Operation Velvet Shell arrived earlier in the year. While not aligning with the original Year 2 roadmap, Blood Orchid plans to make up for lost time by introducing a brand new map for players to battle it out in as well as three new operators including the latest recruit, Lesion.

In the latest teaser video for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft reveals the cargo shorts wearing defense operator Liu Tze Long, also known as Lesion. As part of the Hong Kong Special Duties Unit, Lesion brings specialized mines with him to the battlefield. After the mines are placed, the tops blow off releasing a hiss and actually cloaking similar to Echo’s Yokai Drone. What sets these gadgets apart however is that they apply a poison affect to enemies which not only injure them, but add a slowing effect as well.

Players only have a few more days to wait until the full Blood Orchid update is officially revealed by Ubisoft. With Gamescom now in full swing, the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals are being held on August 26, where the new season of content will also be detailed in full prior to its release a few days later. The new season also brings with it a brand new map set inside an abandoned theme park. The map has a unique look, featuring an assortment of neon lights, rides, and all set inside a theme park that ha clearly seen better days.

The tease comes about a week after the three new operators leaked online, which was then quickly picked up by the Rainbow Six community on Reddit. Joining Lesion is Ying, the attacker counterpart also hailing from the Hong Kong Special Duties Unit. Ubisoft is also sweetening the pot this time around, adding another new operator considering the originally unplanned Operation Health wiped out the second planned expansion. According the leaks, the third member is named Ela, a defensive specialist from the Polish GROM special forces.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Operation Blood Orchid will release on August 29, 2017 for season pass holders, and September 5 for everyone else.

Source: Ubisoft