Rainbow Six Siege players have spent the last few months patiently waiting for Ubisoft to complete Operation Health, a previously unplanned drive to increase the overall state of the game in terms of longstanding bugs and server issues. Now that the operation is finally coming to a close, the general Year 2 Roadmap can finally be resumed – and it all starts with Operation Blood Orchid at the end of this month. Not for the first time, however, details about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege operators have been leaked online, with their names and special abilities being disclosed to the masses.

Yesterday, a post appeared seeming to show the Hong Kong defensive operator, Lesion. As a more detailed follow up post explained via his, his GU ability allows him to place cloaked toxic mines simultaneously injure attackers who trigger the mines while slowing down their speed. He seems like a hybrid between Smoke and Echo, with some of the former’s lethality and some of the latter’s tactical suppression abilities. If the first official look at Blood Orchid is accurate, it looks like the Hong Kong operator will wear cargo shorts and chew on a toothpick during his active duty.

Hong Kong’s attacking operator is named Ying, who dons some heavy ear muffs and tactical goggles. This is because her ability, Candela, allows her to release a cluster of flashbang charges which can either be anchored to surfaces or rolled out like a grenade. One can imagine that if she’s ever paired with Fuze, absolute pandemonium will reign in rooms they simultaneously release clusters into. The tactical view for Hong Kong’s new map, which is based in an amusement park, was also leaked earlier this week.

Here’s a quick unofficial glimpse at the upcoming operators and the upcoming map for Operation Blood Orchid:

Since Operation Health impacted the Year 2 Roadmap, one of the Polish operators is also arriving along with Operation Blood Orchid. As a prior data mine had unearthed, this GROM operator is named Ela, and she’s a 30-year-old defensive operator sporting some colorful hair. Her special ability is called the Grzmot Mine, which allows her to plant concussion proximity mines on flat surfaces. When triggered by enemies, it drastically impairs their hearing and vision in a similar manner to Echo’s drone. The Polish attacking operator, who wasn’t part of this leak, is expected to arrive with the South Korean operators later this year. Unfortunately, the Poland-based map has been shelved indefinitely as Ubisoft focuses on its adjusted release schedule.

It’s clear that Operation Blood Orchid boasts a strong focus on optical impairment and entry denial, so the end of August should bring plenty of new defensive and offensive strategies into the mix for active Siege players. The game still has a long way to go to get to the questionable 100-operator mark touted by brand director Alexandre Remy, though with 3 operators releasing at once, fans will feel spoiled for choice when the end of August finally rolls around.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Operation Blood Orchid will release on August 29, 2017 for season pass holders, and September 5 for everyone else.

Source: Reddit, Reddit