Rainbow Six Siege: Black Ice DLC Detailed

Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice Details

Ubisoft reveals more details for the Rainbow Six Siege DLC called Black Ice, which comes out tomorrow and will introduce two Canadian operators and a brand new map.

Rainbow Six Siege is set to get its first official batch of downloadable content tomorrow with Black Ice, which is poised to add two Canadian operators and a brand new map into the game. Ubisoft has been relatively quiet of late about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege downloadable content, which was originally slated to make its debut in January. Now that Black Ice is finally due for release, it looks like Ubisoft has updated the french portion of their website to reflect the previously unknown Yacht map.

Though they haven't officially stated anything about the two Canadian operators, the previous leak showed that their names are Buck and Frost. While one is an attacker who features an under-barrel shotgun that they can switch to on the fly, the other is a defender who can lay down welcome mat traps for would-be attackers to step on.

The yacht was also revealed to be a luxury liner that ran aground in Baffin Bay, which is off the coast of Baffin Island, Nunavut. It's an appropriately Canadian location that fits in with the core game's maps, since each location is tied to one of the operator's nationalities. We questioned whether Frost was aboriginal based on her initial leaked images, and it looks like the defender may have some Inuit heritage.

In any event, with multiple levels to the yacht and a completely exposed deck, the map is sure to bring plenty of chaos to a game built around deep strategy.

Here's the official Ubisoft screenshots for the Yacht map from Black Ice:

[gallery ids="287586,287585"]

The name of the yacht is Boreal, which is likely a reference to the a vast expanse of forest which covers plenty of Northern Canada. It's a nice touch from Ubisoft Montreal, who certainly would have enjoyed adding a Quebecois native into the fold.

According to the map's description, an unidentified submarine has surfaced near the stranded vessel, which is why team Rainbow was called in to deal with the threat. The submarine will play host as the northmost spawn point for the attackers, while two locations named Zodiac and Snowmobile will allow the attacking squad to come in from the south side of the ship.

Leaked screenshots from the closed beta have also confirmed that Frost will be able to utilize three of her welcome mat trap weapons. They look awfully similar to the trap IQ stepped on in her introductory video, so it looks like the developers had Frost's special skill in mind many months ago. This makes her a similar operator to Kapkan, which means attackers will now have to worry about two trap-happy operators working on the defensive side of things.

Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice Operators

Word from the closed beta is that it looks like Ubisoft has also finally addressed one of the largest complaints about the game. Previously, when the squad was on the operator menu they would have no way of verifying what game mode was selected for the map. This led to a lot of confusion, as players would go as Fuze on a hostage map, which is essentially the worst place for a grenade specialist. The operator selection screen now says the game mode, so players should expect a lot less of accidental Fuze selection - not that there's anything wrong with the guy, it's just that he lacks a sensitive touch when it comes to hostages.

The game is due to have three more operator releases throughout the year, with two more US operators, two Brazilian operators, and two Japanese operators.

What do you think about the Black Ice content for Rainbow Six Siege, Ranters?

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Ubisoft

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