E3 2015: ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Beta Announced, Terrohunt Mode Revealed

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When it was announced at last year’s E3, Ubisoft team shooter Rainbow Six Siege instantly made an impact because of its multiplayer. In the gameplay demo, viewers saw a team of player controlled operatives on a rescue mission looking to capture a hostage from a group of (also player controlled) criminals. The team had to work together using their class-based skills to best the hostage takers, as well as using teamwork and their assessment of the setting to find the best way to get in and get out without dying or getting the hostage killed in the process.

And while this captured everything that the Rainbow Six games are all about and was considered a worthy replacement to Rainbow Six: Patriots which was cancelled due to current gen consoles, not everyone would want to play with and against player controlled characters. Some Siege players may want to go it alone or they may still want to play the game even if their Internet connections go down or they can’t find anyone to match-make with online.

During Ubisoft’s E3 2015 press conference, the publisher announced a solution; Terrohunt mode. Terrohunt mode makes a return after being a fan favorite in previous Rainbow Six games. In Rainbow Six Siege, Terrohunt will pit players against AI-controlled enemies, with players able to play by themselves or cooperatively in a team of other players. Ubisoft explained that Terrohunt features the “most challenging AI in a game ever” so even though the enemies in this are computer controlled, that doesn’t make them any less formidable and players will still have to work together (or make smart choices as a lone wolf) if they want to win.

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In the live gameplay demo that Ubisoft presented during its conference, viewers were able to see this very difficulty in action. As the players prepared to enter the French Consulate to diffuse a bomb, they had to be strategic about their positions and how they were going to launch the assault. Before they even got into the building, the players scouted for enemies and barricades, figuring out the best way to clear the AI out.

Then, while some players guarded the front doorway, some others guarded the main hall of the building, and one pair of soldiers were also forced to cover the side stairwell as the enemy AI had laid a charge, creating a sneaky entrance to flank the players. This gameplay will be spread across four different Terrohunt modes, including “classic Terrohunt”, something which should delight longstanding Rainbow Six fans.

Also going to put a smile on Rainbow Six fans’ faces is the fact that Ubisoft has announced a Rainbow Six Siege beta. Ubisoft says that on September 24, the beta will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and it will include both the PvP and Terrohunt game modes. Previously, the publisher stated that to get into the beta, players will have to pre-order a copy of the game.

Rainbow Six Siege comes out October 13, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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