Ubisoft delays the Rainbow Six Siege open beta indefinitely after a sudden technical issue causes matchmaking difficulties and disconnections on all platforms.

While Rainbow Six Siege does have a solo mode (of sorts), Ubisoft’s upcoming team shooter is very much multiplayer-focused, with players having to work together to take out enemy teams and rescue hostages. This also means that the game must have stable servers, especially as Ubisoft would surely like to avoid any Assassin’s Creed Unity-sized connectivity issues. Unfortunately, although the game’s open beta was meant to kick off this morning (Nov. 25) giving the company a chance to test and tweak things, Ubisoft has now delayed it due to technical troubles.

In a post on the game’s official forums, Ubisoft community manager Ubi_Jax explains that as the company is seeing “issues with matchmaking times and disconnection on all platforms,” it has decided to postpone the open beta and for now, the Rainbow Six Siege beta will only be available to those with access to the closed beta test.

In addition to apologizing for the delay, Ubi_Jax also states that it is a known issue that was introduced after the Technical Test “while fixing another part of the game.” Ubisoft hopes to have a fix deployed “within the next few hours,” first for Xbox One, and then PC and PS4 soon after. It’s also worth noting that as of the time of writing, the beta client is still available to download, so fans still have a chance to prepare before the beta comes back online.

Rainbow Six Siege Riot Shield
On the one hand, some are saying that this was to be expected given the issues Ubisoft has faced with its games over the last 12 months and also because the open beta includes so much content. In addition to 14 operators (playable Siege characters), the beta also includes three game modes and three different maps (10 multiplayer maps will be available in the full game at launch), which is a sizeable chunk of the game.

Others are saying that this has left them concerned that more game-breaking issues may crop up and that with Rainbow Six Siege already being delayed once this year, it may lead to the game being pushed back again. However, in an update Ubi_Jax says that Ubisoft is “confident” that the game will work as intended and that “the launch will not be impacted by this issue,” which does inspire some confidence.

Admittedly, Ubisoft is cutting it a bit close, as Rainbow Six Siege is meant to launch in full on December 1st. As mentioned, the company still hasn’t provided any indication of when the beta will be coming back, though many players will be disappointed if they don’t get to play the game over the holiday weekend. Not only that, but between this and the controversy surrounding the game’s microtransactions, some are suggesting that this could have turned many potential players off of the game, which certainly isn’t going to help Rainbow Six Siege sell better than Far Cry 4, as was once predicted.

Rainbow Six Siege will be released on December 1 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft