Rainbow Six Siege: How to Earn and Claim Battle Pass Rewards

Call Me Harry event cover.

Rainbow Six Siege is well-loved as the intense, tactical first-person-shooter that has held its own since 2015 against many heavy-hitting new FPS releases. Part of the secret to Rainbow’s success is its constant updates, changes, and new content that keeps the game fresh for returning players and long-time fans alike.

The newest and biggest update to Rainbow Six Siege is the addition of a Battle Pass. A full release is coming in Year 4 Season 4, starting in December of 2019. However, for now, a brief trial version of the battle pass will be active for one week. It is free to everyone, and there are plenty of rewards to claim.

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Starting today, October 15th 2019, a free "Mini" version of the upcoming battle Pass called “Call Me Harry” is available to every player. Rainbow Six is not shy with giving free content to players, but the battle pass represents a big leap in the amount of charms and extra rewards up for grabs. In the future, there will be a payed Battle Pass alongside a free version, but for now the trial is completely free.

This free Mini Battle Pass is just another addition to the normal Operation Ember Rise content. Currently, there are seven tiers of rewards to unlock in the Call Me Harry Mini Battle Pass. The first is simply the information about the battle pass, unlocked from the start for everyone. Tiers 2, 4, 6, and 7 all reward the player with a different universal weapon charm.

These tiers are unlocked by gaining Battle Points through challenges. There are community-wide challenges as well as ways for individual players to earn points. For now, the first community challenge is to reach a total of 40,000,000 kills, after which everyone will be awarded 600 Battle Points.

Individual players can earn points by winning multiplayer rounds and finishing games. Winning one round nets 60 points, a match won is 120, and a match lost is 100. There is a net 25% bonus for Ranked matches, so losing a Ranked game will actually earn more points than winning a casual match. For the most points, players should get familiar with the best operators for winning in Siege. There will be no points earned if the player leaves the match early, gets kicked, stays idle, or surrenders the game.

The rules for earning points.

In short, simply playing the game online will earn points and eventually unlock free rewards. Whether or not the full version will be another big turning point for Rainbow Six in the long run remains to be seen.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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