10 Tips For Using New Operators Amaru And Goyo In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Ember Rise is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: two new Operators are going to be making their entrance to the game. This time around the Operators are Amaru and Goyo, two Operators from the APCA and FES respectively. Amaru brings a whole new level of maneuverability to Siege, while Goyo brings a new reason to fear deployable shields. They're both going to require a bit of time and practice to get the hang of, and here are ten things to keep in mind with them to get you started.

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10 Amaru Basics

Amaru's unique gadget is the Garra Hook, which is basically a grapple line similar to Batman's. This Garra Hook allows Amaru to propel up onto rooftops, into windows—even if they're reinforced—and through open hatches inside buildings. Amaru has serious potential to close gaps and get new angles quickly, making her one of the highest tempo Attackers in the game. It's also important to note that, when grappling into a window, if a Defender is unfortunate enough to be directly in front of the window, contact with Amaru will kill them.

9 Entry Fragger

Because of her ability to get into the building with ludicrous speed, Amaru has the potential of being a very strong entry fragger. She can enter window of a higher elevation with greater speed than other characters like Ash, despite only being a 2-armor 2-speed Operator.

Defenders are going to have to forever change how they think about window entrances above the first floor and can't simply assume that they're going to be safe as long as they don't hear an enemy rappelling around outside. Sure, Amaru's Garra Hook is loud, but it doesn't leave a lot of time to react if the Defender isn't relatively quick on their feet.

8 Coordination

Coordination is going to be important in order for Amaru to be of much use when already inside the building. Grappling up hatches is going to move you through the map much quicker than usual, but it's not going to take Defenders long to grow accustomed to defending against it.

Have teammates enter, or at least gain some attention from another side of the room while you grapple up and it's going to make the whole experience go a lot smoother.

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7 Keep A Shotgun Handy

While you don't necessarily need to have a shotgun as your primary weapon, bringing the secondary shotgun that Amaru has access to is going to make it a lot easier to make use of her Garra Hook to enter ceiling hatches. That secondary shotgun isn't of much use during a fight, though, so keep in mind that you'll essentially only have your primary weapon for combat.

6 Counters (Kapkan, Castle, Frost, Lesion)

Amaru has quite the counter list. However, because of the sheer number of windows/entrances Amaru can use her Garra Hook on, the likelihood of being too inconvenienced by a counter is pretty low. Kapkan traps, Frost Traps, and Lesion traps are all unavoidable when entering a window as Amaru, as she can't use her weapon while grappling. If a window has been barricaded by Castle, Amaru won't be able to use her gadget to enter through it.

5 Goyo Basics

Goyo has three Volcan Shields. Each of these, from the front, looks like one of the new deployable shields, but attached to the back is an explosive. If the explosive is shot or the shield is destroyed in any way whatsoever, the explosive, well... explodes.

The explosion deals damage on its own and leaves an inferno in its wake that lasts about twelve seconds. There's absolutely no way to destroy or disable the shield with detonating the explosive.

4 Time-waster

One incredibly useful aspect of the Volcan Shield is its ability to waste time, much like Smoke can. The fire from the explosion lasts about twelve seconds, which really is quite a long time if it's coming down towards the end of a round. Even if not near the end of a round, that time the fire forces the attackers to wait gives you and your teammates ample time to prepare for the onslaught.

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3 Be Mindful Of Friendly Fire

This is a bit two-fold; firstly, just like Mira's Black Mirror's, a bad teammate can activate Goyo's gadget too early and make for a much more difficult round for everybody involved. Secondly, the explosion caused by the Volcan Shield will hurt nearby teammates and destroy their gadgets—besides, it seems, Frost's Floor Mat. Make sure you're aware of where your team's gadgets are before you place your shields and come in with a plan.

2 Synergies (Maestro, Mira, Kapkan, Frost)

Goyo can work pretty well with a number of different Operators. Maestro, for example, can use his Evil Eye to see exactly when the Volcan Shield should be destroyed and then destroy it himself with the camera's weapon, all in relative safety.

Mira can keep an eye on the Volcan Shield from behind her Black Mirror and peek out to destroy it when need be. Kapkan's traps can be placed on doorframes that contain a Volcan Shield, so that when the Kapkan trap detonates, it destroys the Volcan Shield, immediately killing the unfortunate attacker.

As mentioned before, Frost's Floor Mats are not destroyed by a Volcan Shield explosion, so you can feel free to place them near the shield without worry.

1 Counters (Frag Grenades, Ash, Zofia, Fuze)

As far as counters to Goyo go, anybody that has the ability to destroy a deployable shield will do. As mentioned above, destroying the shield will activate the explosion, but at least you'll be in control of the timing as opposed to giving that power to the enemy. Any operator with access to Frag Grenades, as well as Ash, Zofia, and Fuze, all can take care of a shield with varying amounts of ease.

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