'Rainbow Six Siege' Will Run At 60fps Across All Platforms

Rainbow Six Siege 60 FPS

There's no denying that resolution and framerate have made up the bulk of the current console generation's tech discussion. In particular, development of games like Assassin's Creed Unity has called into question the longevity of the modern hardware. With worries like this on gamers' minds, it's a breath of fresh air when more positive news arises like that of Rainbow Six Siege.

Whether you sit on one side of the fence or the other in regards to the optimal framerate, a lot can be said for a game that sets out to maintain a high benchmark. While some games continue to struggle with establishing a consistent framerate, Ubisoft Montreal has announced that Rainbow Six Siege will run at an impressive 60 frames per second on all of its platforms.

Posted to the game's official Twitter account, this news is another positive tick on the game's resume after an impressive showing at E3 2014. The game has undoubtedly put its best foot forward in its trailers, so it's great to see that this can be substantiated in some tangible way. Higher framerates don't always make for a better experience though, as some gamers will be quick to point out their distaste for 60 FPS. While some might see it as a step forward, it all boils down to personal preference in the end.


Curiously enough, Ubisoft seems to have a divisive stance on the discussion of framerates. Just three days prior to this Rainbow Six Siege announcement, Ubisoft weighed in on players' concerns regarding Assassin's Creed Unity being locked at 30 FPS, stating that they feel it is "better for players." If this is the case, then why would they aim to provide gamers with a 60 FPS experience in Rainbow Six Siege?

It's entirely possible that they feel 30 FPS works better for a third-person title like Assassin's Creed while the inverse is true for a first-person experience like Rainbow Six but considering their statement that, "collectively in the video game industry we’re dropping that standard," Ubisoft is sending mixed signals (not shocking, given the number of teams they employ). Experimentation is expected and welcomed, but it's hard to decipher whether this is the case without a definitive statement on their part.

Framerate debates aside, Rainbow Six Siege looks to be doing a lot of things right. With its foregrounding of strong multiplayer features, it will hopefully bring back everything gamers have come to love about the series. Considering the series' history of promiting a strong degree of cooperation between players, the new siege gameplay looks to only strengthen this.

Would you like to see more games embracing the tension inherent in siege gameplay? What past Rainbow Six feature would you like to see make a return?


Rainbow Six Siege will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but currently has no release date.

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