Rainbow Six Siege Players Report Major Technical Issues at Launch

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Rainbow Six Siege players report major technical issues with the Ubisoft shooter, including matchmaking errors, disconnections from the game and framerate drops.

Ubisoft's new tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has not had the easiest path to launch, beginning life as the now-cancelled title Rainbow Six: Patriots. But despite some setbacks, like a delay into December, fans had hoped that open and closed beta testing of Rainbow Six Siege would result in as smooth a launch as possible. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case, as players have begun to report several major technical issues.

Thousands of complaints have been logged by Rainbow Six Siege players posting on the game's official support forum. At the time of this writing there are 1,824 threads under 'Technical Issues', totaling 6,562 posts. Though a cursory search of the 'General Discussion' topic (just over 25,000 posts) suggests that plenty of complaints are being logged there too.

Most of the issues seem to be with the PC version of the game (though console players are affected too) and the biggest problem facing players is server connections, with players reporting matchmaking errors, high rates of lag, and even random disconnections from the game. While these things would be unacceptable in any game, it's particularly frustrating given that Siege is played almost exclusively online. Not only this, but much of these server errors appear to be similar to those faced by open beta testers just last week - issues that a Ubisoft's community manager assured fans would be fixed at launch.

Other errors reported by players include a peculiar audio bug (the audio has breaks and jitters) paired with sudden drops in framerate that aren't unlike the framerate drops with Assassin's Creed Unity, another Ubisoft game that was plagued with technical issues at launch. Moreover, fans have been complaining about their special edition codes note working, a broken progression system that isn't giving them Renown (a currency used to unlock in-game content), and the fact that sometimes the game randomly crashes.

On top of all of this, though, some fans also allege that Ubisoft mislead them when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege's Terrorist Hunt game mode. Terrohunt is one of the biggest draws to the game and prior to release, a Ubisoft release a statement confirming that the mode would be playable offline but players are now finding that the mode still requires an Internet connection. Even the game's Amazon product listing states the information, so understandably, these players say that they feel duped.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: pixeldynamo, Amazon, Cinema Blend

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