Potential Title Revealed for 'Rainbow Six' Sequel

Rainbow Six Patriots Title

We had already brought gamers the news that a new Rainbow Six title was in development, as leaked by a LinkedIn profile, and now we have even more confirmation to this sequel’s existence. Potentially titled something along the lines of Rainbow Six: Patriots, if two domain registrations by Ubisoft are legitimate, this sequel would see bigger cinematic action and a grittier story.

The domain names in question, and, are currently devoid of content, but their existence points towards Ubisoft revving up a new Tom Clancy Rainbow Six title. In fact, a poster over on the NeoGAF forums has said that logo, art, covers, and rendered game screens are being tossed around to marketing folk.

Unfortunately, the NeoGAF poster does not reveal too much about the assets except that the plot is very timely — it centers around a terrorist group targeting Wall Street — and also features a new third person perspective. The NeoGAF member himself says the art and characters look very similar to what gamers saw earlier this year in Homefront — a title that also explored a war on domestic soil.

We unfortunately don’t have any looks at this promotional art, but if the forum poster is to be believed, we might see some pretty soon, next month in fact.

While fans of Ghost Recon might be excited by this news, it’s only when a character goes into cover (something that isn't entirely new to the series) that the third person view is available. A similar system was supplied by Deus Ex: Human Revolution, allowing the player to assess threats — something that is very important in Rainbow Six — with a wider perspective.

For now, though, gamers should treat this news as purely speculation and rumor since the NeoGAF poster is using the “it’s not me, it’s a friend” as his source, and since domain registrations don’t always come to fruition. Nonetheless, we still hope that a new Rainbow Six game is in the works, perhaps for one of the new next-gen systems (Wii U, PS4, or Xbox 720) to give gamers an even more intense cinematic experience.

Are you ready for another Rainbow Six? How do you feel about the story points and setting the title is supposedly exploring?

Source: Fusible, NeoGAF

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