After announcing a new open beta for Rainbow Six Siege beginning next week, Ubisoft reveals that player progress will ultimately not carry over when the final retail version is released.

Rainbow Six Siege is finally nearing its launch date after a few delays, and to make sure the online focused experience is rock solid, Ubisoft announced a brand new open beta that will kick off next week for players. The new beta will grant one day early access on November 24 to people who previously participated in the beta during the month of September, and will run through November 29. The beta this time around will act more as a demo, giving players access to 14 operators, 3 maps each with day/night variants, and both competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes.

Considering this new beta kicks off so close to the launch of the game in December, the big question on everyone’s mind is what sort of progress can be transferred from the beta to the main retail version? Unfortunately for players, any progression made during this upcoming beta will not carry over to the main game upon release. This also extends to any ranks, characters, and inventory unlocks the player earns during the beta as well.

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Details

This open beta marks the third time Ubisoft has let players test Rainbow Six Siege prior to release which began earlier this year with a closed alpha test, then an open beta a few months later, and now this final online infrastructure test. With the amount of games that have launched with major issues┬áduring the current console generation including some of Ubisoft’s own games like Assassin’s Creed Unity last year, the company is going to great lengths to ensure the experience is a good one for players right out of the gate. Another upcoming online experience from Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s The Division, is also getting its own beta session later in December as well.

The beta tests also help Ubisoft ensure everything is working as intended on the technical side as well especially considering that the development road for Rainbow Six Siege was a long one, suffering a couple of delays after being resurrected from the ashes of its predecessor, the canceled Rainbow Six Patriots. While the focus of Patriots rested on the single player side, Siege completely retooled the franchise, focusing on multiplayer components with classic features like no respawning.

Are you looking forward to jumping back into Rainbow Six Siege before it hits store shelves or are you already drowning in the major releases that have hit over the last few weeks?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 1, 2015. The Open Beta begins on November 25 (or 24 for Closed Beta participants) and ends on November 30.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege Website