When you a set trailer to the piano movement Clair de Lune, sentimental beauty is often a mandate. rain pours it on.

Developed by Sony’s Japan Studio, rain was announced today at Gamescom as a new upcoming title for the PlayStation Network. The trailer was first shown exclusively to the crowd in attendance, generating immediate intrigue and attention, and it has now been released for the general public.

A third-person platformer, rain drops players into the shoes of a boy who has just become invisible, his ghostly figure only appearing when illuminated by the watery namesake. The trailer hints at a love story – the boy wakes in the rainy night, glimpsing a girl’s ethereal silhouette before transforming himself – but on the PlayStation Blog, SCEA Assistant Producer Dais Kawaguchi calls the world “dark” and “mysterious.”

The minute-and-a-half clip shows the boy running through alleyways, pulling himself over a street shelf and chasing after the aforementioned girl, often in the proximity of what appears to be a canine companion. He disappears when entering covered spaces, leaving only footsteps as a constant trail. It’s not much to go on, of course, but the subtle, methodical melodrama of it all hints that Japan Studio (the specific team of rain creators is known as PlayStation C.A.M.P.) may well be aiming for the next Journey – that quiet, spiritual adventure where the true meaning of the story is unique to what each player manages to discover.

Rain Trailer PlayStation Network

Additional details on the setting haven’t been released, either, but the trailer definitely has a Midnight in Paris feel to it; Clair de Lune, the musical selection, is French for “moonlight,” and the finely crafted, stone-heavy buildings seem like a match for Parisian architecture. (The truck at the :54 mark also dates the game back to the 1940’s.) With its dimly lit, fog-kissed streets and spectral cast, rain already has us seduced on aesthetic appeal, and we can’t wait to see what story secrets and gameplay mechanics begin to trickle out.

Ranters, what do you think lies underneath the surface of rain’s mystifying world?

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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