New Trailers for Dragon Ball Z Fighting Games Raging Blast 2 and Tenkaichi Tag Team

I remember about a decade ago I could not put down Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22. I could play as almost everyone from the series, and I'm still not tired of kicking Krillin's butt today. Fast-forward seven years and we are now getting what must be the 15th and 16th Dragon Ball titles since Ultimate Battle 22, and that's not including portable games.

The two new entries into the very crowded ring of DBZ fighting games are Raging Blast 2, the sequel to the other Raging Blast and Tenkaichi Tag Team. Raging Blast 2 will be a console title coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Tenkaichi Tag Team will be a portable release for the PSP. After watching the trailers, I have determined through my Dora the Explorer-level investigative skills that both of these games will be fairly similar to any other Dragon Ball fighting game in the past 10 years.

In Raging Blast 2 there are, apparently, a few new fighters being added in to the mix, including the blue-skinned Zangya (pictured above), a green-skinned Bojack, and a purple-skinned Hatchiyack (seeing the trend here?). For fans of the show, there will actually be game-exclusive show-quality animation in the story mode of the game to separate the fights, which is a genuinely interesting new feature.

As for Tenkaichi Tag Team, the PSP release will feature four-way multiplayer battles as well as co-op battles, hence the Tag Team. If you need to take Trunks and Android 18 on the road, you now have that option! The additions to these games are notable, but don't get me too excited about playing the same game with a few more mode and characters. Watch the trailers and decide for yourselves:



There you have it. Are you going to play yet another Dragon Ball Z fighting game, Ranters? Or is this enough to bring you back to the series after an extended break? The rainbow multitude of fighters is certainly a positive.

Prepare to unleash your fighting spirit when Raging Blast 2 and Tenkaichi Tag Team in November of this year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP.

Source: Joystiq

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