'RAGE' Weapons Revealed In Montage

RAGE Weapons Revealed in Trailer

id Software's showcasing of its new (and exclusive) id Tech 5 engine, RAGE, has a new video out that presents some of the weapons available to the player to help eliminate various hostile entities that get in his/her way. id, whose library features an extensive list of first person shooter titles, will be featuring weapons normally viewed as standard fare in any FPS game, and some that are certainly not.

Most FPS games will feature the usual assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol, but RAGE's post apocalyptic setting will offer a few other weapons that won't be firing bullets, but will be just as effective: The Wingstick, a boomerang-like thrown weapon that looks to be made out of an old plane propeller and the crossbow.

The video below will show the many weapons in action and give a look at what the HUD in Rage will look like.


The selection of weapons in this particular video isn't as impressive as something like say, Borderlands, but they all look to get the job done. Rather easily, in fact, a majority of the enemies seemed to have died in one shot from any of the guns which takes away from the AI the game will feature for its different ganges. If easy-to-kill enemies were to comprise a majority of the 15 hours of gameplay, that might get boring quickly, but to see why that's the case, check out this Rage video some last summer's E3:


RAGE is a change of pace in terms of id Software delivering a game that isn't just a pure corridor shooter, something the company has delivered in many of their previously released games. Unfortunately, the video seems to indicate that Rage may be light on variety of weapons, but that isn't the case. Along with being able to customize weapons and make use of different ammo types, you can use a lot of cool weapons from the different groups you meet throughout the game. On top of that, there is the vehicular weapons as well and the PC version of the game comes with an editor and full mod support.

RAGE releases September 13, 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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