Id is building more anticipation for its latest first person shooter offering, RAGE, with the release of each new behind the scenes video. This new one, entitled The Wasteland, deals with the world players will be stepping into and the characters that inhabit it. In addition, the game’s mission structure is detailed, because sometimes, you want to have a goal while laying waste to mutants and bandits.

RAGE has been drawing a lot of comparison from existing games that have similar gameplay mechanics or world make-up. However, the fact that id Software is developing a new shooter should be enough motivation for fans of the company to at least want to check out the title. In fact, an id shooter should be enough to roust anybody into investigating the title and seeing what it has to offer.

Still wanting more information and video of RAGE in action? The Wasteland is the fourth in a series of six videos going behind the scenes to prepare the players for the game. So far, you can see what the legacy of id will be doing for the game, the arsenal of weapons available to you, and the back-story and plot for the game.

This particular video talks about the world that RAGE will be giving players to explore and progress, a barren and scorched earth filled with many unfriendly and friendly characters. Take a look below for the video and become enthralled by the people that inhabit RAGE‘s world.

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The “dungeon” aspect of RAGE seems particularly interesting. Each little catacomb like run-off of the world leading to sub-areas filled with enemies to kill and possible items to discover. In between those moments, though, are interactions with a list of particularly peculiar characters who will offer the player quests to complete. Id wants the characters the player comes across to offer elements of story to drive the narrative forward and make the world of RAGE much more intriguing.

Luckily, the multiplayer elements of RAGE were discussed, albeit very briefly. The vehicle-based multiplayer was included because of popularity. People like smashing cars into one another, especially if they can also shoot with them. While it’s not a new concept, one would like to hope RAGE makes it a bit unique. Cooperative gameplay has long been confirmed, and will pit two players in redesigned single-player areas against enemies.

Do you think these elements will be enough to make RAGE a shooter to stand out in a season drowning in bullets?

RAGE releases October 4, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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