The sixth and final behind-the-scenes video for id Software’s RAGE has been released, with the focus on the game’s art and sound design. As we all know, gameplay aside, if a game doesn’t look or sound cool, it can very much degrade the experience one can have. This last video from Bethesda will be showcasing the effort id Software is putting in to ensure the aural and visual acuity of RAGE will be one first person shooter fans will truly appreciate.

RAGE has achieved its means of beauty and graphical excellence the use of the John Carmack engineered id Tech 5, an engine that may very well be used in the next generation of gaming consoles. Through the use of that engine, artists have been able to create the ruin-filled vistas and environments the player will trudge through, shooting enemies in the face and/or other body parts. The art design of RAGE really does bring out that sense of a world that has emerged from one that was destroyed. Skyscrapers are just on the hinge of falling down, make-shift repairs are everywhere, and there is a large sense of improvisation in everything. A world fixed with duct tape and ingenuity.

While pretty things are great to look at, being impressed on the auditory end is just as important, especially in a first person shooter. The video also talks about the casting of John Goodman (The Big Lebowski) in the role of Dan Hagar, a settlement sheriff. Goodman’s stern voice with underlying fatherly tones adds a lot to the distinctiveness of Hagar, creating a character that genuinely cares about the welfare of some new guy emerging from the past.

Not to be outdone, sound effects are incredibly important in a first person shooter, and id is taking care that weapon sounds are top notch. Id is trying to strike a balance between sounds that are both impressive on a visceral and detailed level. They talk about the shotgun, especially, which has this great booming, punching sound. Take a look at the video below to see what id is bringing to the table.


Now that all the behind the scenes videos for RAGE have been released, is it enough to pique your interest in the game and check it out? The first person shooter has seen a lot of post-apocalyptic settings as of late so we’re excited to see if id Software can break the mold and deliver a new experience with RAGE.

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RAGE releases on October 4, 2011 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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