The official trailer id Software‘s RAGE has been released today and gives players a nice outline of what to expect from the game. Players will assume the role of an unnamed individual who has awoken from an Ark, a holding chamber (not unlike Vaults in Fallout) that shielded individuals from a catastrophic asteroid impact.

RAGE‘s official trailer does add a bit more flair and character to the game, which could have easily been a generic shooter in a commonly seen setting. Luckily, this does not look like the case anymore. While our own hands-on with RAGE led us to believe the gameplay to be a bit generic, id may have tightened up the content since E3 2011.

After awakening from the Ark, the player ventures out into a much different world filled with a rather large population of fiends who are bent on killing you. Dotted throughout the land are people who can help you, provided you help them as well. While bandits and mutants are one problem, the Authority is the biggest one. Teaming up with the Resistance (maybe creativity took a dive on post-apocalyptic Earth), the player will work to bring the Authority down.

While you’re enjoying the trailer, be on the look out for some notable voice acting talent from John Goodman (The Big Lebowski, Barton Fink) and Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop, Bulletstorm).


The trailer does help change our perception of the title, making RAGE look a lot more interesting than it was before. A healthy dose of weapons on display, engineering creations (a balloon with an explosive is pretty awesome), and a good look at the different RAGE enemy types present the aspects of RAGE we wanted to see more of. It would also be criminally unfair to not give praise to how good the id tech 5 engine looks – splattered brains haven’t looked so enticing.

With two months to go before the final release for RAGE, id looks to be putting in a lot of work to offer something great to the first person shooter genre. To help bolster attention for the game, id Software has also started a Facebook campaign. Should the official RAGE Facebook page attain 100,000 Likes, id will make the RAGE HD app available for free for one week.

RAGE releases on October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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