Rage The Arsenal Trailer

It can’t be an id game without guns. RAGE, the latest from the Texas-based shooter developer has released a brand new behind the scenes video, this time focusing on the weapons that can be used by the player character to dispatch his foes.

Of course, there will be blood, gibbing, and lots of violence. That’s all in a day’s work, though.

The new shooter from id Software will possess an inventory of weapons that won’t be totally unknown to players of first person shooters before. Chances are, you’ll have encountered any or all of the items featured in the video. It’s hard to re-invent the wheel when it comes to guns and explosives, though, and RAGE doesn’t look like it’s attempting to do so. By giving access to a wider variety of weapons than seen in previous id games, perhaps RAGE will offer gamers a bit more than the usual first person shooter fare.

Don’t forget to have a look at the previous behind the scenes videos, ‘The Legacy of Id‘ and ‘The Dawn‘, which talk about the company’s history and game’s world, respectively.

You can look below for the third and newest RAGE behind the scenes video:

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While weapons are the main focus of this particular video, id will undoubtedly discuss how vehicles work in RAGE. There is your standard fare in most first person shooters: pistols, assault and sniper rifles, explosives, and shotguns. Nothing new to id games, but they have included the use of a crossbow, the Wingstick (which actually does look kind of cool), and various gadgets the player can engineer.

Id’s design philosophy for giving the character new items in each area to “keep the experience fresh” seems like it will work to keep players going throughout the game. Little things to consistently look forward to can go a long way in keeping a player interested in finishing a game. As for the big things? That’s where blowing heads off comes in, something that id has some experience in handling. Players can certainly appreciate that they’re handling a weapon that’s wreaking havoc on the enemy, but according to our E3 2011 hands-on, RAGE is not quite there yet.

The gadgetry available in RAGE also looks like it will go a long way in boosting the game’s┬ápotential – above just a good looking shooter. Turrets, lock grinders, and remote controlled explosive devices, among other things, can all play a part in making each playthrough of RAGE different.

RAGE Behind The Scenes Video The Dawn

Other than happening upon weapons and ammo throughout the game world, RAGE also incorporates an economy system, allowing the player to freely choose the way he wants to approach each new area. Assuming you can purchase weapons from a hub city, the player can plan his method of attack before he embarks on a mission.

Whether or not RAGE can be successful when it comes out will definitely be an interesting test. 2011 will be seeing a lot of very popular first person shooter releases and the folks at id will definitely be hard at work to ensure that you will want to play their game. Game Rant will be sure to have the review for you guys when it comes out.

RAGE releases October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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