RAGE Scheduled for Release in Late 2011

Rage Multiplayer Details

I for one, am a bit skeptical on the game's recycling of material we're all familiar with. id remains optimistic regarding RAGE's potential and is pushing to create a game that will not merely confine players to desolate corridors with 'monster closets' dotting your exploration.

The market is certainly not at a loss of first person shooters. Hell, most of the games I seem to be enjoying the most these days have to do with a first person perspective, but it'll take a bit more than radio controlled car bombs (also seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops) and nanobots that grant super-powers to relieve my skepticism, in terms of the gameplay.

Graphically, id has impressed me on a consistent basis, so I have no problems there. But as we've seen with games like Crysis 2, where graphics are definitely the forefront of the experience, it becomes a precarious situation where the developer has to balance gameplay expansion with graphical capability. I'm not skilled enough to make those kinds of decisions, which is why I'm here talking about it and not doing it.

Penny Arcade Expo is forthcoming and id is poised to have a panel demonstrating RAGE to gamers. Game Rant will be there reporting and ready to dish the information you all crave, in addition to snappy comments regarding the title. I don't like being a Negative Nancy, especially when it comes to games that are a long way off til release, so I will remain optimistic that RAGE will be a game that fans of shooters and video games alike will come to enjoy.

RAGE teaches you about the perils of desert survival and raiding on September 13, 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: Kotaku

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