'Rage: Mutant Bash TV' Available Tomorrow on the App Store

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Gaming legend and id Software Co-Gounder John Carmack has announced that the company's latest offering, Rage: Mutant Bash TV, has been approved for release on the Apple App Store and will thus be available starting "tomorrow morning".

Prices for the game will begin from £0.59/$0.99 for the SD version while the HD version will set you back an affordable £1.19/$1.99.


Mutant Blast TV has been built from the ground up with mobile gaming in mind and will be the first game powered by the companies new id Tech 5 gaming engine. The game itself is based on a post apocalyptic game show within the Rage wasteland and will introduce a number of enemies that will appear in the console release next year. Similar to last year's Doom Resurrection, the game will be an "on the rails shooter" in which the gamer is scored based on multipliers, kill streaks and bonuses for special moves as they progress through the multiple stages. Carmack stated about the gameplay:

"A large goal of the project has been to make sure that the levels can be replayed many times."

While not an open ended exploration experience, it will provide a unique perspective on a game many gamers have been eagerly anticipating since 2007. Though anyone expecting any sort of spoilers regarding potential story may be somewhat disappointed. As Carmack stated in regards to story:

"The key is making the gamplay itself the rewarding aspect, rather than story progression, character development, or any kind of surprises. Many of the elements that made Doom Resurrection good the first time you played it hurt the replayability, for instance. RAGE iOS is all action, all the time. I have played the game dozens of times, and testing it is still fun instead of a chore."

id Software has a strong track record when it comes to making games, with such titles as Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein. Having spent the best part of four years developing Rage for the consoles, anticipation for its eventual release in 2011 is high among gamers. This will be many people's first encounter with the Rage universe and while it may not be loyal to the larger version's openness, it does at least offer a glimpse of what's to come.

As Mutant Bash TV looks set to push the boundaries of graphical prowess on iOS devices with a reported smooth 50fps during play, it should provide an experience that both the casual and hardcore gamer can enjoy. That said, there is strong competition forthcoming from Unreal and their portable Unreal 3 engine. Having already showcased what Unreal can do on iOS Devices and the promise of more to come, ID Tech 5 will need to step up to the mark and deliver a quality product. Read our interview with Tim Willits, Creative Director of RAGE, to see just how they plan on not disappointing.

Are any Ranters going to be picking up Rage: Mutant Bash TV on release? Do you think that this is the right introduction to a franchise like Rage?

Rage is set for release on September 13th 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


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