Life is hard in any post apocalyptic world, and it’s even harder when there are mutant bandits poisoning the water hole. Unfortunately, Woody’s not around to do something about it, but this is RAGE — problems get solved by a man with a gun.

While there have been a load of games covered this year at E3 2011, one not to forget is id Software’s latest, RAGE. Powered by id tech 5, RAGE does look¬†phenomenal, but cosmetics aren’t the most important part of a first person shooter. Luckily, there is now a lengthy video of gameplay available, and it both looks amazing and fun.

It should be important to note that the demo is running on the PC. ¬†While id is a known PC developer, RAGE will also be coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The video offers a taste of the environment that you will traverse in the game, in addition to several gameplay elements like gunplay, NPC interaction, and some of the RAGE’s physics. And of course, it just wouldn’t seem like an id game if there wasn’t a shotgun involved.

Check out the gameplay of RAGE below.


Excuse the error, it’s not an id game without a large energy weapon.

Gameplay in RAGE seems pretty fun. The ability to have multiple ammunition loads for a weapon isn’t necessarily going to be new to anyone, but it’s not a concept that’s often seen in most FPS games, nowadays. The inevitable BioShock comparisons are there, yes, but aside from the actual electrified water portion, there are very few. Besides, BioShock doesn’t have a sweet Krull boomerang that kills instantly.

The only real problem detectable is a relatively easy-to-predict A.I. pattern. The dive rolling mixed it up a little bit, but it did seem easy to counteract, given enough time with the game.

There has been additional RAGE gameplay footage made available in the form of a weapon montage and the Dead City gameplay trailer. The game looks pretty, looks like it plays solidly, and with the promise of a lengthy campaign and a cooperative mission feature, RAGE might be a game that sneaks up on gamers.

RAGE releases on September 13, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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