Id Software has released the second behind the scenes video of a six part series for their upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter, RAGE. The focus of this video this time around has to do with the story and some of the factions of the game the player will be coming across. Shooter fans are well aware that a good story can do a lot more to motivate actions for the player, rather than bounce from engagement to engagement with minimal care. What can you expect to encounter? Read on.

RAGE‘s story will be sharing characteristics of the Fallout series of games. The player, without a name or face, will emerge from an Ark, a special refuge built by the government to house people in the year 2036, when an asteroid passes by the Earth which does some pretty bad things to the planet. You emerge from the Ark, in 2136, into this brand new world without a place and from there, start making yourself known in different ways.

You can also check out the first behind the scenes video, entitled ‘The Legacy of Id’, which talks about the history of id and how the company’s past is influencing RAGE. If you want to know how an early build of the game plays, check out our E3 2011 hands-on.

Watch below to get an idea of what kind of narration RAGE will be delivering.

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The story of RAGE, while not something brand spankin’ new, is still one that resonates well with players. The Fallout games and Borderlands both offer unique post-apocalyptic settings and driven stories. RAGE looks like it will be taking a page or two from both games in what it will offer players, combined with graphics a full generation ahead of them. Performing side quests for various peoples encountered throughout the world, driving around in a heavily modified vehicle that shoots rockets, weapons that look completely jury-rigged. RAGE will have to be working hard to separate itself from other forerunners in the game market to give players something really special.

It also sounds like the main character has some kind of nano-machine presence within his body that may play a role somehow. Whether or not those nano-machines can be upgraded or used in different ways has yet to be talked about. Id will likely address that in one of the other four upcoming developer diaries.

The characters encountered throughout the game do look interesting, at least. People who embody perhaps the best and the worst of what the new Earth society has to offer. From the big bad entity of The Authority to the plucky survivors who make up The Resistance (more creative names, please?), the player will most likely happen upon some diabolical plan that he must aid others to stop.

Of course, there’s a lot of other factors of RAGE that still have unanswered questions. Is there an economy? Weapon variety? Will gibbing be present? Hopefully id will answer those questions.

RAGE releases on October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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