Developing first person shooters can be hard work sometimes, but when you’re a veteran company like id Software, the payoff can be rewarding, but frustrating at the same time. While hardcore shooter fans will forever be loyal to the studio that brought them Doom and Quake, the expectation of perfection is more than felt for the studio next title, RAGE, and can be a heavy burden.

Id is currently working on their newest game series RAGE, where FPS fans will be able to shoot, drive, and explore in a post-apocalyptic Earth setting. Recently, id has been releasing several behind-the-scenes videos detailing the kind of work that is going to ensure RAGE will be a fun and engaging shooter.

Several trailers have been released giving a taste of the mutant-infested carnage, including ‘The Enemy’, ‘The Arsenal’, and ‘The Dawn’. And despite our impression of RAGE at E3, there’s sure to be no shortage of fans already salivating at the prospect of a new IP from id Software. But according to the studio’s Creative Director Tim Willits, the company’s biggest fans can also be the harshest critics.

In an interview given to Xbox World 360 magazine, Willits professes his love for fans, but explained that at times, the criticisms coming from the fan community can border on maddening:

“For RAGE, we’re doing all these things and yet people are like ‘Well I can’t blow up these boxes’, and I’m like ‘Are you serious? We have driving, racing and all these cool characters!’ ‘But in this other game I can blow up boxes’, and I’m like, ‘This other game doesn’t have any racing in it!’

“It’s crazy. Fans: I love them but sometimes they drive us nuts!”

For some people, being unable to blow up boxes must be a pretty game-breaking experience. While full-world immersion is inching its way ever closer in video games, where things can be destroyed to our heart’s content, we’re not quite there yet. In truth, a fully-realized world just makes the invisible walls that much more frustrating when players bump into them.

There are still a number of things people may find unimpressive with RAGE, but not judging the product for its evident merits seems a bit harsh.That being said, nobody is harder to impress than a fan, and with its origins in the first days of modern PC shooters, id has plenty of those.

Is RAGE going to avoid comparison to other shooters on the market? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be enjoyed – and dissected – by its loyal followers.

RAGE releases October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: CVG