While it’s been almost a decade since id Software, the developer that literally put the first person shooter genre on the map, has delivered a title in said genre, they haven’t forgotten their roots. Placed within the world of RAGE, the developer’s newest FPS since Doom 3, is an Easter egg that not only calls to mind Wolfenstein 3D, it literally is Wolfenstein 3D.

You see, this isn’t the type of Easter egg gamers are used to, this is an Easter egg that is meant to poke fun at the people that made the game, not those who are playing it. But the Easter egg is relatively esoteric, suggesting that id hoped not too many gamers found it. Except now, with the help of this handy guide video, everyone can find out how to.

As your character is making his way through the Ghost Hideout in RAGE, he will come across a wall that, while seemingly innocuous, hides a portal to another dimension. This dimension is filled with literally dozens upon dozens of pixels and some of the most beautifully rendered blue walls we have ever seen.


All kidding aside, this Easter egg is actually a pretty neat throwback to id Software’s past. It’s true that RAGE boasts some painstakingly textured landscapes, and is absolutely gorgeous to behold, but id Software was willing to break the fourth wall just a little bit to pay homage to one of their classics.

Since the gun your character is holding is still part of the RAGE engine, you can actually see how far id Software has come as far as visuals go. To see that a developer who is promising to push our gaming rigs to the max can still look back on their “ugly” work and laugh makes them all the more intriguing.

We’re currently knee-deep in RAGE (look for our review very soon)and have even found a couple more Easter eggs hearkening back to id Software’s past, but we’ll see if your wily enough to find them on your own.

Did you discover this Wolfenstein 3D Easter egg on your own or is this the first you are seeing it? Have you found any other little nods to id Software’s past while trekking through the wastelands?

RAGE is available now for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: YouTube