Gamers anticipating id Software’s latest game and newest intellectual property, RAGE, will have to wait just a little longer until the game comes out. RAGE has seen a one month delay from its original September release date. While it’s not a crushing amount of time to wait, it does put the game into a much busier and more competitive month.

RAGE has been on a steady course of work, and id Software has been recently releasing more information on the final product. E3 2011 brought the latest gameplay trailer, The Well, and the game looks remarkably gorgeous thanks to id tech 5. No official reason has been given for the delay, but maybe another few weeks might make the game that  much better.

In October, RAGE will  find itself in competition with the start of the busy Fall season of games. Its new release date of October 4 will be putting it head to head with titles like The Darkness 2 and the new Twisted Metal. Shooter fans may have a tough decision to make between a brand new id franchise, a sequel to an underrated game, or a brand new Twisted Metal game.

There are plenty of aspects to RAGE that gamers will find themselves attracted to, including its lengthy (for a shooter) campaign and cooperative play. There might even be some die hard id fans who have literally been waiting for the game since it was initially announced seven years ago. It’s impossible to tell people RAGE looks bad, but will it be able to get away from the comparisons to other post apocalyptic games like Fallout 3 or even Borderlands?

id will be still be supporting the mod community by releasing RAGE with a full level editor. Who knows, maybe the next Counterstrike could be made with this editor? That might be impossible, but then who expected Counterstrike in the first place?

RAGE now releases on October 4, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: GameSpot