There have already been quite a few gameplay videos of RAGE released by id Software and Bethesda, showcasing the various types experiences and situations that players will encounter during a romp through the campaign. One thing, up until now, that was never really presented in detail was the game’s cooperative gameplay. Shooters and co-op seem to go hand-in-hand nowadays and RAGE is no exception.

RAGE will be focusing on a separate cooperative game story that isn’t precisely linked to the campaign, but will be drawing from missions and locations from the single player story to form arena-like gameplay that you and a buddy can fight through. The particular mission on display finds the two compatriots in a mission to stop bandits from blowing up Wellspring’s water supply.

It was only a few weeks ago that another RAGE gameplay video, this time from PAX Prime 2011, called “Gearhead Plaza” showed off more single-player footage and environments, as Bethesda aggressively promotes the long-in-development, graphically impressive title. Of course, this could be in line with promoting their hardcore gamer aligned company mission. To compliment your viewing experience of the latest RAGE gameplay video, be sure to check out id’s Behind the Scenes videos focusing on the enemies of RAGE and the game’s weapons.


There’s a nice, little transition there that shows players that RAGE supports split-screen play, which is always a great – and usually lacking – feature to embody, especially with a co-op shooter. There were notably no significant lag problems while running split-screen either, a great thing to see, considering how powerful the id Tech 5 engine is.

Regarding the actual gameplay, players will be able to find various objects throughout the map to assist or aid them in killing the bandits who are trying to poison the water hole. Whether or not load outs are customizable to the players is unknown, but this is an id game, so having two separate one-man armories wouldn’t be a surprise. There is also a scoring system in place with a multiplier that looks to build upon successions of downed enemies, the system enables players to have that passive competition in place without taking away from the actual mission completion.

So far, RAGE is offering a lot to the first-person shooter fan: focused campaign, cooperative element, and a highly detailed, realized world. Are you looking forward to its release in under a month’s time?

RAGE releases October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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