Rage 2 Live-Action Trailer Teases Gameplay Reveal

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A week of leaks and teasers came to its natural conclusion Monday morning when Bethesda officially announced Rage 2, coinciding with the release of a live-action announcement trailer. Details regarding Rage 2's gameplay will have to wait until tomorrow when Bethesda releases the first in-game trailer. Other information including supported platforms and release window has also been held back for the time being.

One exciting bit of Rage 2 news did slip through the cracks though: Rage 2 is being co-developed by both Avalanche Studios and id Software. Avalanche is well known for its Just Cause franchise as well as Mad Max. id is, of course, the developer of the original Rage, as well as the recently rebooted Doom. Rage 2 will be the first game developed by Avalanche to be published by Bethesda.

Avalanche appears to be leading the project, as the trailer implies that Rage 2 will likely be an open world shooter with driving. id might be providing engine support, stylistic direction, or the studio could have a bigger influence than first glance implies. It's hard to imagine id's main focus isn't on the future of Doom right now, though.

Several hints can be drawn from Rage 2's live-action trailer, even though it's probably not a reliable depiction of the game itself. Nevertheless, it's clearly a post-apocalyptic shooter akin to the first Rage. There does seem to be a bit more focus on adding some color to the world, what with all the neon pink and yellow.  The paired up punks perhaps implied the game will feature co-op or multiplayer. And of course, the gear shifting at the start of the trailer implies driving and exploration.

The big questions remaining for tomorrow's Rage 2 gameplay debut are whether the game will remain first-person like the original Rage, or go third-person like Avalanche's past games. And then whether Rage 2 will be open world, which seems likely. Bethesda's (German) website for Rage 2 already specifically notes that Avalanche is known for its open world titles.

All answers will be provided by Bethesda tomorrow, barring the possibility that they aren't leaked beforehand. It looks like Walmart's E3 leak may not have just been a fluke after all.

Rage 2 does not yet have an official release window or any officially supported platforms.

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