Rage 2 Launch Trailer Teases Final Boss and More

rage 2 general cross

Rage 2 is less than a week away from its May 12 launch. To help remind those who may have been sleeping on Rage 2 and don't know what the open world FPS is all about, Bethesda has released a brand new launch trailer for the game. The trailer is a lengthy three minute adventure filled with narrative, gameplay teases, and more.

The teaser surprisingly begins with Rage 2's supposed final boss, the leader of The Authority, General Cross. Of course, this is very likely a red herring, but for the moment the trailer implies General Cross is the final boss. The protagonist then takes viewers on a trip down memory lane--record scratch included--and breaks down how they arrived at this point of the story.

There's obviously no really meaningful spoilers in the trailer. It's meant to excite pending Rage 2 players, and not give everything away. So it focuses on teasers after teasers, mixed with jokes and bits of the story. Several new NPCs that haven't been introduced before are shown briefly, as well as a variety of Rage 2 enemies, big and small. It's the player's hero journey from start to (maybe) finish in just two minutes. And then it keeps going.

The trailer goes beyond the start of Rage 2, and it also shows footage from the game's announcement event with Andrew W.K. at Rage 2's showing at E3 2018. It references Walmart Canada spoiling Rage 2's announcement, and it then goes even further back, joking about reviews that criticized the original Rage's "lame" ending. And then it goes even further, going through time all the way to the origins of the universe.

Rage 2's launch trailer is one heck of a wild ride. Whether the game itself will do the same, that is go that one extra step beyond what players might otherwise expect from a post-apocalyptic open-world shooter, remains to be seen. It'd be great if it explored similar fourth wall-breaking ideas in-game, but we won't know for sure until it launches. At worst, it's a pretty funny trailer and a great way to build up excitement for Rage 2's upcoming launch.

Rage 2 releases May 14, 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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