Rage 2: How to Get Settler Pistol

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Rage 2 may be set 30 years after the first game, but developers Avalanche Studios and id Software have still found a way to tip their hats to those who played the first Rage. Rage 2 allows players to unlock the Settler Pistol, a weapon which was used by Nicholas Raine, the protagonist of Rage.

To get the Settler Pistol in Rage 2, players will have had to have pre-ordered the game. The weapon is one of the many Rage 2 pre-order bonuses, with other bonuses being an exclusive mission as well as a truck skin and an NBA Jam announcer voice. The Rage 2 release date is today, so those who didn't pre-order will have to miss out on the Settler Pistol.

For those that did pre-order Rage 2, they can unlock the Settler Pistol by completing the Cult of the Death God mission, which was also a pre-order bonus. This mission offers some good laughs as players have to take down a group of mutants who worship Nicholas Raine. To activate the mission, players will have to help resistance leader Captain John Marshall turn his power on. To complete the mission, go through the sewers to defeat mutants and successfully beat the boss to be rewarded with the Settler Pistol and the Nicholas Raine armor.

Rage 2 Settler pistol

The Settler Pistol in Rage 2 isn't one of the game's flashier weapons. The one handed revolver packs a punch but isn't as much of a showstopper as other weapons, such as the BFG 9000 from DOOM which can also be unlocked in Rage 2. However, for those who enjoyed the first Rage and liked protagonist Nicholas Raine, the content is a great way to show one's love for the series.

This is the only way to get the Settler Pistol (and the Nicholas Raine armor) in Rage 2 right now. However, things may change. The Cult of the Death God mission is described as a "limited-time exclusive mission" which does suggest that in time, the mission will become available to all Rage 2 players whether they have pre-ordered the game or not.

The Rage 2 development team has also teased major Rage 2 DLC plans for the game with free and paid content to be released this year. One of these updates could offer the mission to all players or provide another way for people to get the extra weapon and armor.

Rage 2 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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