Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Big Guns, Big Monsters, and More

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With E3 about a month away, the annual tradition of leaks, rumors, and early reveals has officially begun. Thanks to Walmart Canada, players were tipped off to a surprising sequel to id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage. Whether an early reveal was always in the cards or brought about sooner thanks to the leak, Bethesda not only confirmed the upcoming shooter sequel but posted a live-action teaser trailer yesterday. As promised yesterday, Bethesda has finally revealed the first official gameplay footage for Rage 2.

Offering a mix of story and gameplay, Rage 2 puts players in the shoes of Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland. After being robbed of his home and left for dead, Walker now drives across the wasteland to acquire the tools and tech to take the fight back to the ruling and oppressive Authority. Of course, various wasteland gangs will form a large part of the resistance as well in an experience which Bethesda is calling a first-person shooterverse.

Based on the footage, it's clear that Rage 2 is aiming for a bit more lightheartedness and visual appeal this time around. While Rage typically didn't deviate from its wasteland brown style, Rage 2 ditches that concept in favor of more varying locations. The gameplay trailer reveals the familiar desolate sands while also showing off new locales like forests, swamps, and badlands. The back half of the trailer also explodes into rock music, stylish action, and plenty of thrilling car chases. The trailer also promises big guns, the return of the wingstick, and new combat moves like a ground pound attack.

The trailer also confirms that id Software does appear to be involved in some capacity with this sequel as well. The description confirms that Rage 2 brings together previously revealed Avalanche Studios, called the masters of the open world, and id Software, which is referred to as the gods of first-person shooters. Unfortunately, a release window wasn't provided at any point, leaving most to wonder if this is actually a 2019 game.

Considering that Rage 2 is, in fact, real, it certainly adds credibility to the rest of the early retail pages accidentally posted early by Walmart Canada. If the post wasn't actually a fluke, then it would appear that fans should be prepared to see Sam Fisher make his long-awaited return next month in a new Splinter Cell, as well as some new Microsoft exclusives like Gears of War 5.

Rage 2 doesn't have a launch date but is set to launch on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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