New RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer At E3 2018

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RAGE 2's existence came as one of the more shocking leaks of 2018 - put simply, no one expected a sequel to 2011's post-apocalyptic shooter, and certainly not 7 years down the line. The gameplay trailer that released for the game showed off what appeared to be much more fast-paced and over-the-top action than its predecessor, accompanied with a lighthearted tone. Now, fans have been given a much more in-depth look at RAGE 2's gameplay, thanks to Bethesda's E3 2018 showcase.

The trailer kicked off Bethesda's E3 conference, accompanied by live music from Andrew W.K.. Info was revealed along with the gameplay, including that people will play as Walker, the last Ranger left in the game's harsh wasteland.

Take a look at the new gameplay below:

A monologue to the trailer reveals that the apocalypse was brought about by a meteor, and the ensuing chaos spawned mutants who murdered the protagonist's family. Hellbent on vengeance, Walker appears to very much embody the game's titular rage.

The gameplay follows a mission which sees the player hunt down bandits. Beginning with a car chase, it's revealed that in RAGE 2, the player can control any vehicle they encounter. Then, more of the frenetic gunplay we saw teased in the initial trailer is shown, with the player rapidly dashing from enemy to enemy, taking them out with an array of explosive and ballistic weaponry.

Abilities were also shown off during the trailer. Walker appeared to encounter and obtain a new ability, called Shatter, which greatly enhanced his melee attack, causing enemies to fly across the screen. The segment finally ended with a high-energy montage, revealing a release date of Spring 2019.

As of yet, no details have been given to suggest that the game's rumoured Multiplayer mode is a reality, but it's possible that more information regarding this will emerge in the coming days.

RAGE 2 is in development and scheduled for release in Spring 2019.

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