Rage 2 Post-Launch World Events and Expansions Detailed

rage 2 roadmap world events expansions

Rage 2 is less than a week away from its May 14 release date, which means it's a great time to start detailing post-launch content plans. Friday afternoon Bethesda revealed its Rage 2 post-launch DLC roadmap, a mixture of free and premium content to be released between launch and fall 2019. The roadmap details plans for free content including World Event DLC, Wasteland Challenges, cheat codes, and weapon skins, as well as premium DLC including full expansions with new story content.

Free post-launch content is a big part of Bethesda's plans for Rage 2. And what appears to be the biggest part of Rage 2's free post-launch content plans is its open-world World Events. The roadmap shows that the game will have one World Event per month, with titles such as "Bring the Ruckus," "Mech  Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself," "Global Warming," "Mutant Derby," and, "Rageisode 2: Attack of the Drones." These will likely be dynamic events in the world that offer repeatable content.

Beyond World Events, Rage 2 players can also expect a variety of other free content. For example, some weapon skins will be made available for free, cheat codes will be unlocked, new vehicles will be added, and new Wasteland Challenges will appear. It's safe to say that Rage 2 buyers will have plenty to keep the game interesting throughout 2019 even after finishing the game.

As for premium content, the roadmap refers both to full expansions and microtransactions. Two expansions are listed in Rage 2's future. The first, Rise of the Ghosts, launches in August, while the second comes this fall. Both Rage 2 expansions feature new story content, weapons, abilities, vehicles, and areas to explore. The roadmap also insinuates that weapon skins will be available for purchase, as only select skins will be free.

rage 2 2019 roadmap

Those who played the original Rage will recall exactly what it feels like to have an game end poorly and know there's nothing left afterward. Rage 2 is clearly making an effort to avoid history repeating itself. It's a clear priority that players should want to stay in the world of Rage 2 once the story ends, enjoying the World Events or goofing around with cheat codes. Hopefully, Rage 2 delivers on that idea. It certainly has the opportunity.

Rage 2 releases May 14 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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