VGX 2013: ‘Quantum Break’ Gameplay Trailer

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If there was one game shown at E3 2013 that left audiences every bit stunned as they were intrigued, it had to be Quantum Break. Simply revealed as the next project from Remedy Entertainment, the studio responsible for the narrative-bending Alan Wake, would have been enough to attract attention, but the format – and fiction at work – are still a mystery.

There may still be questions surrounding the science fiction elements of the story (as the name implies), and how Remedy will blend a live-action series with player-influenced gameplay, but thanks to the VGX 2013 awards show, we have our first look at actual Quantum Break gameplay, and an explanation of the premise from the game’s creative director.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Remedy’s hopes of mixing a live-action episodic series with gameplay, the hopes have been high. Aside from being one of the more intriguing original properties announced as an Xbox One exclusive, the developers claiming that they were designing Break with influences from both Alan Wake‘s unique story and Max Payne combat carries serious weight.

The first cinematic trailer for the game gave the Max Payne (a series famous for its slow-mo ‘bullet time’ sequences) mention a bit of context, showing that its characters had at least some control over the flow of time. That aspect is better understood thanks to the new gameplay footage, giving an even clearer idea of how the gameplay will look and feel.

With different powers granted to the three main characters, how players will manipulate the ‘stutters’ mentioned by the developers may vary greatly. Including the central antagonist (consider us even more intrigued).

Gameplay aside, the premise of Quantum Break and the unconventional narrative of Alan Wake promise something unique, if nothing else. Following a group of people who have been granted unique control over the flow of time is a strong enough premise to win over sci-fi fans, with the possibilities for twisting normal game design that affords promising in their own right. And if the gameplay is as smooth (and stunning) as the latest footage suggests, the odds are in Remedy’s favor.

What was your reaction to the new look at Quantum Break? Is it already a game you’re keeping an eye on, or does the mix of live-action series and gameplay have you concerned? Sound off in the comments.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released, but for now, stay tuned for more news on the trailers and announcements coming from VGX 2013 here.


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Quantum Break is expected to release some time in 2014, exclusively for the Xbox One.

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