Quantum Break Update Fixes Dozens of Xbox One Issues


Remedy Entertainment releases a Quantum Break title update for the Xbox One version of the game, including fixes for wiped progress and video texture crashes.

Remedy Entertainment’s latest game, Quantum Break, may be the biggest selling new Microsoft Studios IP (of the current generation) and it may have received high praise from critics, but the sci-fi title isn’t without its faults. Specifically, its technical ones. In the Xbox One version of the game, players have reported issues with the cloud save function and missing dialogue. There are also problems with the ‘film grain’ look as although Remedy says that it chose to include the feature in the game as an “artistic choice,” many players have asked the developer to allow them to turn it off.

Quantum Break’s latest title update goes a long way towards fixing the game’s various bugs and issues, with over two dozen fixes being introduced to the Xbox One version. These include a fix for an issue where “ambient sounds disappeared when mashing buttons during a cinematic,” a fix for “making Xbox Live integration more fault-tolerant,” a fix for “some TV screens sometimes showing a really grainy image,” as well as fixes for pathing issues, “unnecessary loading screens” showing up and disappearing assets.

How Well Does Quantum Break Run on Xbox One? - Quantum Break bubble shield

Remedy has also included fixes for a “rare bug” that “accidentally wiped progress after completing the game,” a “rare crash with the video texture system,” “rare instances of cloud saves failing and causing loss of progress,” and “rare instances of stalls when loading." There’s also a fix for a crash in the download menu when switching profiles.

While Xbox One players will certainly appreciate the update, those playing the game on PC aren’t so happy. They argue that the PC version of Quantum Break is far more broken than the Xbox One variant and that the computer installment, rather than the console version, should have priority. Remedy previously said that it is “working diligently” on fixing all of these issues – which include frame-rate stuttering, crashes at launch and an inability to reach 60 FPS – but PC players’ frustrations are understandable.

Moreover, some have suggested that Remedy’s fixes for the game haven’t come any faster as the developer is reportedly working on another game. While the project has not yet been officially announced (and it’s unclear just how many developers are working on the title), if the professional profiles of some Remedy devs are to be believed, then it has been in the works since August 2015. As much as people are interested in seeing a new title from the developer, the pressure is now on Remedy to release Quantum Break fixes faster and silence players’ doubts.

Source: Game Informer

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