Developer Remedy Entertainment officially releases a video to celebrate the launch of its action-adventure title, Quantum Break, which thanks the game’s fans.

After enacting numerous delays to make the game as perfect as possible, Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break has finally become available, and as a thank you to its fans, developers, and collaborators at Microsoft, the company has put out a brand new video featuring studio head Sam Lake sharing his gratitude for everyone’s patience and excitement for the release. Of course, the Remedy executive also gives thanks to all of the Quantum Break development team’s families and loved ones for keeping each individual developer grounded throughout the production process.

Not only does Sam Lake offer his appreciation to all of the people involved with Quantum Break‘s creation in the clip below, but also he presents a cinematic trailer at the end of his speech to give fans who haven’t had a chance to brush up on the game’s content what the final product looks like. Naturally, the materials shown feature X-Men star Shawn Ashmore in the lead role, as well as other Hollywood actors such as Lord of the Rings‘ Dominic Monaghan, Game of Thrones‘ Aidan Gillen, and The Wire‘s Lance Reddick.

For those unaware, it’s been a long and arduous road for Quantum Break, for when the game was revealed for Xbox One in 2013, it was given a release date of 2015. However, due to an almost complete re-haul of the title’s gameplay, art design, and assets, including the change of the lead role from Sean Durrie to Shawn Ashmore, it got pushed back to 2016.

Obviously, with Quantum Break being available now, it overcame all of the obstacles during its development, and was able to retain all of the elements that ended up making it the ambitious release it is today. So, considering Remedy Entertainment’s decision to incorporate 40 variations of a live-action show to adequately tell Quantum Break‘s overarching story, it makes sense that the game needed more time in development to be fleshed out fully.

Quantum Break Screenshots

Interestingly enough, the lengthy development process has apparently paid off, for critics have gone on to give Quantum Break generally positive reviews, with most praising its strong storytelling and unique gameplay features, with a few lamenting its lack of a high replay value. Bearing that in mind, Lake’s show of gratefulness to Remedy’s and Microsoft’s crews and families is definitely in order.

Now that Quantum Break is officially out, Remedy Entertainment has earned a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, though, the speculation cycle never ends nowadays, so many fans’ minds have already wandered toward what the studio will work on next. Should Sam Lake and his team decide to tackle Alan Wake 2 as the following project to Quantum Break, most gamers would probably be more than pleased.

Quantum Break is out now and is available for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Remedy Entertainment Oy – YouTube (via GameSpot)