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Microsoft and THQ Nordic officially announce that the Steam and PC retail launch of Quantum Break gets a delay from its initial release date of September 14.

Ahead of its release in April of this year, many PC gamers were disappointed to hear that Remedy Entertainment's sci-fi shooter Quantum Break would not be released on Steam. The only way to purchase the game on PC at launch was to buy it through the Windows Store.

Just a few weeks ago, though, publisher Microsoft offered a salve to those that wanted more freedom over how they purchased it, announcing that it would be released on Steam and as a PC retail version too. However, initially set to launch mid-September, the Steam and retail versions of the game have now been hit with a delay, pushing the aforementioned versions of Quantum Break back even further.

In a press release, it has been announced that due to the "additional time required for mastering and manufacturing" the PC retail version (Quantum Break: Timeless Collector's Edition, which features five game discs, a making of Blu-Ray, a double-sided poster and more) will be released on September 29 instead of September 14. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the and the Steam version of Quantum Break as well.

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On the one hand, many PC gamers will be glad to know that the Quantum Break delay is not due to technical issues. The Steam port, which is being handled by THQ Nordic, will hopefully avoid the same issues faced by the game on PC during its initial launch. Moreover, many gamers won't want the Timeless Collector's Edition's physical goodies, which also include a soundtrack CD and "premium packaging," to be sub-par, and so they have accepted the delay.

On the other, though, some have voiced their frustrations that the Steam version is being delayed even though there is only a problem with the physical version. The digital release of the game should not be affected, they say, also calling for Quantum Break on Steam to be released on September 14 as originally intended.

While it's unclear whether the backlash will force Microsoft and THQ Nordic's hand and see them honor the original release date, fans' anger is certainly understandable. Microsoft has previously detailed its "renewed focus" PC gaming, and this may be seen a significant hurdle when it comes to doing right by PC gamers. Additionally, Epic Games' CEO has accused Microsoft of trying to push out Steam, and although there's no evidence that Quantum Break's Steam delay is part of this, this move certainly hasn't helped the company get into the good books of PC gamers who tend to buy most of their games through the Valve marketplace.

Quantum Break is out now for Xbox One and PC through the Windows Store, while its Steam and PC retail version is set to launch on September 29, 2016.

Source: VG 24/7

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