'Quantum Break' Being Developed as The Series' 'First Season'

When it comes to entertainment, a compelling premise and jaw-dropping trailer can make all the difference in building interest and momentum. Case in point: Quantum Break, the next game from Remedy Entertainment (makers of Alan Wake and the Max Payne series). With an announcement trailer that made it one of the most intriguing Xbox One exclusives in development, it remains far from release.

But those who fear that the lengthy development may be cause for concern can rest easy, as a new interview with Quantum Break's creative director Sam Lake promises a game worth the wait for any fans of the studio's past work. Described as Remedy's "most ambitious" game yet, Lake confirms that the studio is approaching development with the assumption that Quantum Break Season 2 will be coming in the future.

As Lake astutely points out, any creative endeavor calling on time travel must be prepared to counter critics and plot-hole-pokers at every turn. But the promise that Quantum Break will be sticking to its own set of rules is encouraging. Exactly how those rules will be governing the apparent carnage seen in the gameplay footage (the same gameplay sections shown during Gamescom) is unclear, but admittedly little of the actual game has been shown.

What has been revealed is the basic premise of the game: Jack Joyce, the game's protagonist is caught in a catastrophic experiment in time manipulation, granting him the ability to contort time around himself and others. But his closest friend, Paul Serene doesn't fare so well: aged 16 years, and leading the armed forces of Monarch Solutions with an uncanny knowledge of the future. How Joyce is going to attempt to set time back in order is unclear, but the video confirms that a firearm and red exploding barrels will play a prominent role.

Quantum Break Remedys Most Amibtious Game

Considering the visual fidelity of the gameplay, and the team's ambitious aim to combine Quantum Break 'episodes' with live-action storytelling from the Monarch point of view, it's not surprising that a release date has yet to be set. Remedy's experience with both story-driven gameplay and live-action filmmaking isn't in question, but Lake's confirmation that the studio is tackling its biggest challenge yet may come with concerns. Concerns about the game's release date, not necessarily its quality, that is.

Those already anticipating the game's story and structure will be pleased to hear that Remedy is thinking long term with the series, operating with the assumption that an extension of Quantum Break (a 'season 2') will be made sooner rather than later. A similar strategy was planned for Alan Wake, but the future of that series - while still being discussed by Remedy - seems uncertain. Hopefully, the Xbox One exclusive Break won't face the same clouded future.

What do you think of Lake's comments? Are you happy to hear that the studio is putting the time and effort into not just one game, but an entire potential franchise? Or do you wish Remedy would think short term after the uncertainty that lingered around the Alan Wake sequel? Sound off in the comments.

Quantum Break is expected to release in 2015 for the Xbox One.

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