The Brazilian Advisory Rating Board releases a rating for Quantum Break on both PC and Xbox One, suggesting that the game may not be a pure Xbox One exclusive after all.

Microsoft is hailing 2016 as the year of new IP for Xbox One, but it’s starting to look like one of the system’s biggest new IP may be heading to PC as well. The Brazilian Advisory Rating Board is now listing Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break for both the Xbox One and PC, suggesting that it’s not quite as “exclusive” as Xbox fans may have hoped.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumblings of Quantum Break making its way to PC. Previously, Phil Spencer suggested that Quantum Break and other Xbox One exclusives could come to PC, such as Scalebound from Platinum Games and Crackdown 3. So while Quantum Break on PC isn’t all that surprising, its new PC Brazilian rating suggests that it may be coming to PC much sooner than anticipated.

Typically, games don’t receive ratings unless they’re close to release, which is why it seems possible Quantum Break could hit the PC not long after it releases for Xbox One on April 5th. But if it does come to PC so soon that may upset the dedicated Xbox community that waited so patiently for the game.

Then again, it’s not like PC gaming is direct competition for Microsoft and Xbox. In fact, Microsoft has promised to support PC gaming more this generation than it has in the past, and bringing exclusive games to the platform is the best way to achieve that goal.

Quantum Break Development is 'So Close' to Being Finished - Shawn Ashmore bullet time

Even so, there are many PC gamers that may be enticed to pick up an Xbox One if certain games remain exclusive to the platform. Sales data indicates that true exclusives still sell platforms, as the Xbox One was the best-selling console in October, which just so happens to be the month that the highly anticipated exclusive Halo 5: Guardians launched. If Quantum Break was a pure exclusive as opposed to just a console exclusive, it would stand a better chance of convincing holdouts to pick up an Xbox One.

Though we may see Quantum Break wind up on PC eventually, PS4 owners that are fans of Remedy’s work may want to consider picking up an Xbox One for the game. There is virtually no chance that we’ll ever see it release for the PS4, considering Microsoft’s somewhat heavy involvement with the game’s development, and also Quantum Break‘s companion television show.

Quantum Break making its way to the PC is not a bad thing for gamers, though. It will allow more people to experience the rather unique third-person shooter that Remedy has been working hard to make “awesome” over these last five years or so, and will give the game a better chance to be financially successful. PS4 owners that want to play it will most likely have to either pick it up on PC, if it does indeed make its way to the platform, or shell out the cash for an Xbox One.

Quantum Break releases April 5, 2016 for Xbox One.

Source: IGN