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Quantum Break's PC version is not doing as well as its Xbox One counterpart, suffering from frame-rate issues as well as taking issue with Nvidia software.

Quantum Break released this week, giving players a chance to experience Remedy Entertainment's new time travel-themed shooter after years of waiting. However, now it seems that the PC version of the game is suffering from multiple issues, such as lesser frame-rates and the lack of a quit button.

While the Xbox version was praised for being well-optimized around the current-gen console's hardware, reports from Digital Foundry indicate that the PC version can't run at a consistent and smooth frame-rate. The major issue with the game is that Quantum Break appears to be unable to run at 60 FPS on a 60Hz monitor. Even with a Nvidia Titan X graphics card, with the game running at 720p on its lowest settings, it seems it is impossible to reach 60 frames. Digital Foundry notes that using a monitor with a refresh rate of 120 or 144Hz does increase the maximum frames but still leads to an inconsistent frame-rate.

The title does contain an option to lock Quantum Break's frames to 30 FPS but this function does not work properly. According to the report, the PC version will become a more "jerky" experience, due to a frame-pacing issue and will "never appear as consistent as the Xbox One version." Playing the game on PC has other downsides as well, such as a lack of image quality. Digital Foundry mentioned that, on PC, Quantum Break is displaying a reconstructed 720p image rather than the 1080p resolution that users may be expecting. This reportedly works well for players who are less close to screens, as many console gamers may be, but the more high-resolution monitors reveal blurriness and lack of detail.

Users who have experienced issues with the game crashing might also be interested to learn that Quantum Break has serious issues with Nvidia hardware, causing the drivers to crash. Digital Foundry did some experimenting and discovered that the AMD R9 390 graphics card has about a a 50% speed advantage over the Nvidia GTX 970 which it claims is remarkable. Crashing is one of the only ways to leave the game however, as there seems to be no quit button added so far, meaning that players are forced to use ALT + F4 when they wish to exit to desktop.

One major problem is that the Universal Windows Platform restricts players from being able to fix many of these issues, such as frame pacing, by themselves. In this case, Digital Foundry remarks that it is like being "held hostage" as we wait for improvements from developers or Microsoft itself when we could be readily fixing the problems. What's more, playing a legitimate copy of the game offline causes users to be shamed with the piracy eye-patch.

The game itself has received favorable reviews, though this may be down to the success of the Xbox One edition. Microsoft has already begun to work out the issues with the PC version, though this is only in the form of refunding delayed pre-order codes. Hopefully the attention the company is paying to the game will lead to some fast fixes for the PC fans.

Quantum Break is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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