Following a premature listing by a ratings board, Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment confirm that Quantum Break will be releasing on PC as well as Xbox One.

Quantum Break, the upcoming third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment, is one of the Xbox One’s most hotly anticipated titles for 2015. Not only has the game drawn interest for its live-action series, but also because it was announced as an Xbox One exclusive, with some tipping the title as a major system seller. However, earlier this year a premature listing from the Brazilian Advisory Rating Board seemed to suggest that the game would also be headed to PC.

Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft have now confirmed the PC release of Quantum Break, which will launch alongside the Xbox One version on April 5, 2016. The companies didn’t reveal whether or not the PC version of the game would have any special PC-only features, but they did confirm players will be able to transfer saves between the two versions of the game (though there is no cross-platform play).

Moreover, anyone who pre-orders the digital version of Quantum Break on Xbox One, pre-orders the Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break bundle, or buys an Xbox One digital token at “participating retailers”, will get a free copy of Alan Wake (including its two add-on packs) and a free download code for the PC version of Quantum Break.

Quantum Break Release Date Coming at Gamescom - Quantum Break main characters

Remedy Entertainment also confirmed that they are, indeed, developing the PC version of the game in-house. While there are certainly many capable outsourcing development teams, PC gamers have recently been burned by the practice, particularly with Batman: Arkham Knight. Other poor PC launches, such as Tales of Symhponia which led to backlash from a high profile coder, are also fresh in gamers’ minds so this announcement should help to soothe concerns.

Broken PC port worries aside, though, some Xbox One fans are feeling concerned that the console is ‘losing’ all of its exclusives. Quantum Break isn’t the first former-Xbox exclusive to lose that moniker in recent months either, as ReCore was announced for PC back in January. Microsoft and Remedy explain that “Xbox wants to empower gamers to play the games they want with the people they want on the devices they want”, but some fear that if Xbox One exclusives aren’t true exclusives, then consumers will buy the PC version instead of forking out for the Microsoft console.

Arguably, Microsoft wins no matter which platform people buy Quantum Break on; they are also trying to get PC gamers to upgrade to Windows 10 in the process. Plus, the Xbox One has a bigger line-up of games this year than in 2015 (including Gears of War 4 and Crackdown 3) and a strong performance from them could make up for any  potential lost Quantum Break sales.

Quantum Break releases April 5, 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon