Remedy Entertainment releases a new live action trailer for Quantum Break that shows off the game’s TV show component as well as its primary antagonists.

After years of waiting, fans will finally have a chance to play Quantum Break this coming Tuesday. With that in mind, Microsoft and Remedy are in full “hype train” mode, releasing a brand new trailer for Quantum Break ahead of its release next week to get fans excited for what’s to come.

The latest trailer for Remedy’s latest is a far cry from the previously released, and somewhat confusing, Quantum Break launch trailer. The story is made much clearer this time around, however, focusing almost entirely on Quantum Break‘s live action TV show component. The new trailer for also manages to shine a spotlight on the game’s villains, and the actors that portray them.

The villains in Quantum Break consist of famous TV actors, including alumni from Game of Thrones and The Wire. The game’s main antagonist, Paul Serene, is portrayed by Aidan Gillen, and the new trailer offers gamers their closest look at the character to date. It seems as though Serene won’t be a generic mustache-twirling bad guy either, but, rather, he appears to have a lot more depth to his character than previous footage of the game would have one believe.

See Aidan Gillen’s Paul Serene in action in the trailer below:

As stated previously, this latest trailer is mostly live action, but it does feature some quick shots of gameplay footage near the end. Even though Remedy went through great pains to make Quantum Break visually impressive, it is still a little jarring to jump from the live action characters to their computer-generated counterparts. Perhaps it’s just a symptom of the trailer, and hopefully the transition from live action to gameplay won’t be quite as distracting in the actual game.

Otherwise, the trailer is very impressive, with the live action stars showing off their acting chops in the midst of plenty of action. So while some may scoff at the idea of sitting through 20-minute live-action cut-scenes, it appears as though they will at least remain exciting, if the gunfights and explosions from the live action trailer are any indication, at least.

In any case, it’s clear that Remedy has put a lot of effort into Quantum Break, so hopefully the hard work proves fruitful for the company. The game is shaping up to be one of the most unique gameplay experiences out there, and it will be very interesting to see if its gamble of blurring the lines between video game and TV show pays off when the title launches for both Xbox One and PC next week.

Quantum Break will be available on April 5th for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Xbox