Remedy Entertainment releases the launch trailer for Quantum Break, which shows off a number of high octane action sequences and set-pieces from the game.

Fans that have been waiting for Quantum Break to release since its announcement three years ago may find it hard to believe, but the game will be out in the wild in less than a month’s time. To commemorate the occasion, Remedy Entertainment has released an action-packed launch trailer for Quantum Break, set to a cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.”

As far as launch trailers go, Quantum Break‘s may actually be confusing for those that aren’t already familiar with what Quantum Break is. It consists of a bunch of random action sequences and set-pieces, and it isn’t always clear in the trailer what is gameplay and what is cut-scene. The trailer does feature Quantum Break‘s celebrity cast quite a bit, though, which may draw the attention of those that haven’t been paying close attention to the game.

The trailer also makes it clear that the main character has some sort of power, but doesn’t explicitly lay out that the power in question is the ability to manipulate time. The tagline at the end of the trailer – “Time is power” – implies this, but again, it’s easy to see how someone that knows little about Quantum Break would watch this and be left scratching their head.

The trailer also fails to mention one of Quantum Break‘s most innovative features. The Quantum Break live action TV show, that serves as a companion to the gameplay, is not mentioned or shown once in the launch trailer. Since it is one of the biggest ways that Quantum Break sets itself apart from the pack, it is interesting that the decision was made to exclude it entirely from the launch trailer.

Something else interesting about the trailer is that it claims itself to be an Xbox exclusive at the beginning, yet at the end features both the Windows and Xbox logos. Based on this, it seems as though Microsoft is trying to sell the idea that Xbox and Windows are unified platforms, or at least, not in direct competition with one another. However, with Quantum Break releasing on PC, along with a number of other previously-exclusive Xbox One games, one could argue that gamers interested in these titles should just get a gaming PC instead.

Microsoft claims that it’s not getting out of the console business, but it will be interesting to see what its new dedication to PC gaming will do to the Xbox brand. Even though the console hasn’t sold nearly as well as the PlayStation 4, it still has outpaced the Wii U, and doesn’t seem to be struggling since Microsoft released the Kinect-free option, which was paired with a hefty price drop. With its exclusive games like Quantum Break releasing on the same day as PC, it’s not unreasonable to assume that Xbox One sales could be adversely affected.

Quantum Break will be available for PC and Xbox One beginning April 5th.

Source: IGN