After its initial reveal in 2013, Remedy Entertainment’s highly-anticipated third-person shooter Quantum Break has finally gone gold ahead of its scheduled April launch.

It’s a little hard to believe, but nearly three years has gone by since Remedy Entertainment revealed Quantum Break as the next big thing for Xbox One. After five years of development time and a number of missed release dates, Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake announced today that Quantum Break has finally gone gold. For those not up to speed on video game jargon, going gold means that development is finished and Quantum Break is now ready for printing and shipping ahead of its April 5 release date.

Armed with a smile, a massive bottle of champagne, and a video camera, Lake took to Twitter to make the big Quantum Break announcement:

Gone GOLD #QuantumBreak @remedygames
— Sam Lake (@SamLakeRMD) February 19, 2016

Having claimed that the game was “so close” to being finished just last month, this news is sure to appease every Quantum Break fan out there. Gamers have been waiting patiently for years for Quantum Break, as the game has been repeatedly delayed for numerous reasons, chief among them being the need to make the game as good as it could possibly be.

With critically-acclaimed titles such as Max Payne and Alan Wake under their belt, it’s understandable that Remedy wants Quantum Break to have success on the level of their previous games. However, this level of ambition has forced Remedy to backtrack on their overly-optimistic release dates on a number of occasions, and there’s a risk that fans may lose interest.

Quantum Break Delay Reason

In response to the delays, Lake has reiterated in the past that Quantum Break will feature a huge number of innovations, and that the development team won’t compromise anything that may affect the game’s quality. Based on what’s been showcased so far of Quantum Break‘s unique premise – the game takes place in a world where time-manipulation occurs – and the amount of effort needed to properly build a new IP from the ground up, it appears that the delays may prove to be a good thing for the game.

Now that the game has finished development, Remedy will have time on their hands to focus on their Quantum Break TV show. Aimed at blending live-action TV and video games into a seamless experience, Remedy intends on having episodes of the Quantum Break TV show being unlocked as players progress through the game’s story. Whether this game/TV show hybrid experiment will work remains to be seen, but it is refreshing to see Remedy bring a new and unique kind of gaming experience to gamers, especially if Quantum Break lives up to its initial promise.

There is quite a bit on the line for Remedy and Quantum Break, but all signs look positive so far. Let’s hope that Remedy’s work on Quantum Break will resonate with players everywhere, as not only will the game’s success be worth the delays, but it’ll ensure that Remedy’s work on a future Alan Wake game will be much better.

Quantum Break is scheduled for launch on April 5 2016 for Xbox One and PC.

Source: IGN, Twitter