‘Quantum Break’ Gameplay Video & Screenshots; Releasing in 2015

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After it was confirmed that Halo 5: Guardians would release in 2015, Xbox One gamers began to revisit the list of Microsoft exclusives coming to the next-gen console in 2014. While players can still look forward to Fantasia: Music Evolved, Project Spark, as well as Sunset Overdrive this year – not to mention E3 could bring additional currently announced titles – another especially high-profile project is going to make gamers wait until 2015.

Many Xbox One owners had hoped that Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break would slip into a holiday 2014 launch but the developer is finally putting speculation to rest – though they neglect to specifically identify when in 2015 the cross-medium project will release. The announcement came in the form of a teaser trailer (which you can view above) – where Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake debuted new gameplay footage and promised further details at Gamescom 2014.

Even though Lake is holding back a full reveal of Quantum Break‘s “Time Amplification Action Gameplay” until the August trade show in Cologne, the developer still offered-up some intriguing details and footage. Between the digital screen behind Lake and a series of featured video clips, fans can now whet their appetites with new in-game video and screenshots – not to mention a sneak peek at Quantum Break‘s accompanying TV show.

Check out the new Quantum Break images below (click to enlarge):

Speaking on the relationship between the live-action series and game, Lake claims that while Quantum Break follows hero Jack Joyce on a mission to repair time, the TV component will actually center on Jack’s enemies – a group known as Monarch. How exactly Remedy and Microsoft intend to focus a TV show around malevolent evildoers remains to be seen. Hopefully, Monarch isn’t a cookie cutter villain group – which would limit the TV show to simply filling in backstory and offering alternate perspectives for events, as well as people, that Jack encounters in the primary “hero” storyline of Quantum Break the game. That said, if the live-action portion can place Monarch in a more complicated light, with a diverse cast of morally grey characters (and a few outright evil baddies in the mix), then the show stands a chance of being more than a cross-medium gimmick – maybe even living up its ambition as a “modern” and “edgy” TV series.

Still, Quantum Break is designed as a piece of interactive entertainment first and for most – meaning that even if the TV show is underwhelming, Remedy really only has to make a really great video game. After all, the studio is no stranger to out of the box ideas – responsible for the divisive (but fan-favorite) Alan Wake as well as the first two Max Payne games. Both series introduced fresh gameplay mechanics that changed-up established tropes of the third person action genre – while also telling deeply emotional narratives.

Quantum Break Gameplay

For that reason, Remedy games haven’t always found the same mass appeal as their competitors – but the studio’s inventive approach has helped earn them a lot of goodwill. Fingers crossed that Quantum Break continues that trend.


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Quantum Break is scheduled to release some time in 2015, exclusively for the Xbox One.

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