First Extended ‘Quantum Break’ Gameplay Footage Revealed at Gamescom

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Despite falling victim to the black hole of Fall 2014 delays, Remedy’s Quantum Break is still shaping up to be one of the most exciting Xbox One exclusives on the horizon. As promised by creative director Sam Lake back in May, new details about the cross-medium project arrived on time at Gamescom. Gamers who were hesitant to buy into the hype after the E3 2013 announcement or the subsequent teasers finally have a bigger chunk of content to judge the third-person shooter by.

The world premiere gameplay demo from Gamescom gives gamers a chance to see over eight minutes of Quantum Break action. The demo introduces us to Jack Joyce (who doesn’t look all that different from Remedy’s previous protagonists), as he shoots his way through an army of enemies on a highway. As you might hope, the gameplay gives us plenty of chances to see Joyce’s time-control abilities in action.

The hero has a number of special abilities, but the ability to freeze enemies in time is the one that takes center stage in the trailer. The power gives Joyce the opportunity to dash behind cover while enemies are frozen or to run up and knock them out with a melee attack.

Quantum Break Gameplay Time Amplification

The combat system will definitely look just as familiar as the leather-jacket clad generic hero to fans of the studio’s previous games. The gun-heavy swarm of attackers definitely has more of a Max Payne feel to it, but there is still a bit of Alan Wake here, as well. Trapping enemies in a cone of light before shooting them down in Wake, seems pretty similar to trapping them in frozen moments of time in Quantum Break.

That said, those comparisons are definitely not meant as an insult. We’ve been dreaming of an Alan Wake sequel for years and although this may not be exactly what we had hoped for, it is certain to draw in fans of Wake’s narrative and combat style. A similar combat experience combined with a brand-new setting and world to explore seems like great motivation for gamers to play the Xbox exclusive when it arrives in 2015.

Remedy’s Sam Lake did not offer any new details about the game’s release or about the live-action television event that will tie-in to the game’s world. Check back throughout the rest of the week to see what other Quantum Break news Gamescom has to offer.

Do you think the gameplay footage was worth the wait or does the look and feel of the game seem a bit too familiar for you? Let us know in the comments.


Quantum Break is scheduled to release some time in 2015, exclusively for the Xbox One.

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