'Quantum Break' 16-Minute Gameplay Footage Teases Story & Platforming

Quantum Break - Jack Slow Mo Punch


Coming out of E3 2013, Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break was easily one of the more intriguing titles on display. Not because of what the developer had to show during the event, but because of what they didn't show.

Remedy explained that Quantum Break would combine several mediums – both game and live action – into something unique. They also promised a time-bending set of mechanics that would blow those seen in Max Payne out of the water.

Since then, Remedy has slowly been peeling back the curtain on Quantum Break, letting gamers finally see what it is they have been working on. In August, Remedy released an 8-minute gameplay trailer that finally gave us a better understanding of Quantum Break. The footage showed of the game's new time manipulation mechanic and combat, and it was plenty impressive.

Today, Remedy has released an extended version of that Gamescom sequence that totals some 16 minutes. It includes more story set-up on the front end and a platforming sequence towards the end that shows some other interesting ways that Quantum Break uses time. Check it out above.

Visually, Quantum Break continues to impress with tiny details and bold ideas. Yes, there is a bit of Max Payne and Alan Wake on display in the game, but the way Remedy plays with time is something that gamers haven't seen in games before.

Quantum Break - Jack Slow Mo Punch

And now we know that the time manipulation actually extends beyond combat to include some light platforming. Watching as Jack Joyce tries to make his way through a crumbling bridge offers a lot of opportunities for Remedy to play around with their mechanic while also showing what the Xbox One can do.

Unfortunately, we still don't know how the live-actions series (if it still exists) will factor into Quantum Break's story. From the footage it sounds as if Jack is trying to stop a former partner from some nefarious plot, but it's hard to glean too much. We know that a failed experiment gives Jack his powers and somehow sends his partner back in time, but how the partner then becomes the villain isn't clear.

Overall, though, Quantum Break continues to track high on our most anticipated list for 2015. We have some questions about how long these specific mechanics will be engaging, and how the story will come together, but for now we can't wait to see more.

What do you think of Quantum Break's combat and platforming sequences? How eager are you to play the game next year?

Quantum Break is targeting a Q2 2015 release for Xbox One.


Source: IGN

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