A new found footage trailer for Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break officially releases, featuring actor Dominic Monaghan testing his new time machine.

Remedy Entertainment has released a new live-action video for their upcoming title, Quantum Break. The video was made available to the public yesterday and ties in heavily to the game’s time-traveling theme.

The trailer is presented in a found footage format, with Dr. William Joyce, who is played by Lord of the Rings actor Dominic Monaghan, testing his newly completed time machine in front of a camera. The doctor, who is the brother of Quantum Break‘s lead character Jack Joyce (X-Men‘s Shawn Ashmore), informs the viewer that he will be attempting to jump forward in time by 5 minutes. He also reveals that while time-traveling to the past would be more impressive, he is only able to travel back to the moment of the machine’s activation – namely right now.

Not everything goes to plan for Joyce, but fans will have to watch the video for themselves to see what happens next. Adding to the game’s story in a video format is part of a unique experience which Quantum Break seeks to deliver upon it’s release. In an interview with Game Rant, the Senior Narrative Designer for Remedy Entertainment revealed that the upcoming game features 40 different variations of its live-action show, allowing the filmed footage to adapt itself to the choices that players have made.

Quantum Break's Box Art Changed to Feature Shawn Ashmore - Shawn Ashmore

The story will be told with a combination of gameplay and this live-action component, with 4 individual 22 minute episodes featured throughout the title. These longer cut-scenes can be skipped without the player missing any real story, but they are sure to add a lot of depth to the in-game world that Remedy Entertainment has worked hard to create. The ambitious effort presented by the company is just one of the reasons why Quantum Break has taken so long to release, despite it initially being pitched as an early Xbox One title.

The people at Remedy Entertainment must have a lot of faith that the live-action episodic TV format will set Quantum Break apart from other titles, as the company has already announced that its next game will also be making use of the feature. Previous title Alan Wake took inspiration from TV shows, and now the company wants to take the format a step further, which should allow Alan Wake 2 to be the sequel that the 2010 hidden gem deserves.

Quantum Break is set to finally release on April 5th for PC and Xbox One.