Thanks to an early Xbox Live Store listing, fans are now well aware that Quantum Break requires 44 GB of hard drive space, making it one of the bigger Xbox One titles available.

After a number of delays and a lengthy development cycle, Remedy’s upcoming third person shooter, Quantum Break, is now just a little over a month away from launch. Having recently gone gold, details for the upcoming title have started to appear online, including just how much space Xbox One players will need to ensure they have available.

According to the initial listing on the Xbox Live Store, Quantum Break is going to eat up 44.06 GB of hard drive space, though that data point has since been removed but not before a screen capture was taken by Wccftech. The file size has since been replaced by a much smaller number at 106.15 MB, more than likely accounting for the space needed to pre-load the title once that time comes. Interestingly enough, file size data was not available for the recently announced PC version of the game, though it is expected to be around the same as the Xbox One version.

Quantum Break Time Shield

If 44 GB is to be believed, it means that Quantum Break isn’t the biggest game to be released on the Xbox One. That honor is currently held by Halo 5: Guardians, which required up to 60 GB of free hard drive space upon release. In a couple of weeks, Ubisoft’s The Division also arrives and thanks to a similar reveal that occurred earlier this month on the Xbox Live Store, fans are well aware that they’ll need to have 32 GB available.

Unfortunately it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Quantum Break hit a minor PR snag last week, after Microsoft confirmed that a PC version of the game will be arriving on the same day as the Xbox One version and would be cross-buy compatible, a feature they look to continue with other games in the future. A handful of vocal fans lamented the fact that the Xbox was losing a previously announced exclusive and feared that this cross-buy trend would only hurt the brand going forward. Microsoft countered that fear by saying they were more interested in empowering gamers to play the games they want, with the people they want, on the devices they want.

As previously revealed, fans who pre-order the title will get a copy of Alan Wake along with both downloadable content add-ons for free thanks to the backward compatibly feature of the Xbox One. Certain participating retailers will also package in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare with Quantum Break pre-orders as well, allowing gamers to experience the entire Alan Wake saga.

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Quantum Break launches on April 5 for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Wccftech