Quantum Break Dev Teases New Game

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In a pre-announcement announcement video, Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment confirms that the trailer for its new game is "coming soon."

Earlier this year, Remedy Entertainment released time and physics bending title Quantum Break. The game debuted to many positive reviews with critics and gamers alike saying that the shooter pushed the genre forward.

With the high profile title having struck a chord with so many, naturally, fans have been incredibly eager to find out more about what else the developer is working on. People won't have to wonder for too much longer, it seems, as the developer has now begun to tease its next game.

In a video posted to the developer's Twitter page today, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that a "new game trailer" is "coming soon." The video also features the developer's creative director Sam Lake saying his own name a lot and in one scene a huge explosion goes off in the background. Lake's inclusion in the video doesn't appear to bear any significance whatsoever, but as far as pre-announcement announcements go it's pretty funny.


Some fans are hoping for a new Alan Wake game, but given that Remedy has already confirmed that none of its current in-development projects are Alan Wake 2, that can safely be ruled out. Moreover, many have their fingers crossed that Quantum Break 2 is in the works as Quantum Break is the biggest selling new Microsoft IP and therefore it would make good business sense for Remedy to announce a sequel. Sadly for fans who loved the PC and Xbox One hit, though, Remedy has also said that its next game is "something completely new," so that can be ruled out as well.

Whatever this new Remedy Entertainment game is, fans can expect it to have multiplayer. The developer previously confirmed that it is turning its attention to "cooperative multiplayer." The developer will "always strive" to be the best storytellers as it can but "we believe that a multiplayer experience combined with Remedy’s unique world-building provides an exceptional environment for that.

Sam Lake has also said that the developer wants to "evolve with the times," as the Remedy Entertainment team tries to "push ourselves" and "try out new things," while answering the question of what makes a Remedy game. While the developer's plans sound rather ambitious, fans will certainly appreciate that the developer is continuing to take risks and do something new. Quantum Break, for example, was accompanied with a live-action series and that was a move that some were unsure would pay off. It did pay off, though, and many are keen to see what else that Remedy Entertainment can do.

Source: Remedy Entertainment - Twitter

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