Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment says that it is “working diligently” to fix the game’s various issues, including frame-rate and slowdown.

Released last week, Remedy Entertainment’s sci-fi adventure Quantum Break has received mostly positive reviews from critics who say that its time-bending gameplay ‘pushes the genre’, while its story is ‘compelling’ and is some of the best narrative work the developer has ever created. What has been heavily criticized, however, is the game’s performance, particularly on PC. Quantum Break PC has a range of issues, most notably with its frame-rate as the game seems unable to reach 60 FPS (60 frames per second) and its frame-rate is inconsistent even with a high quality monitor.

Other issues affecting the PC version of the game include frame-rate stuttering and a “rare” slowdown issue that occurs when players have lengthy play sessions. Moreover, some Quantum Break PC players have said that the game just crashes at launch, some have complained that the game offers no option to quit from the main menu and others have reported issues with downloading the game. However, Remedy says that it is now on the case.


On the stuttering frame-rate front, Remedy says that “there was a major rounding error introduced into our refresh rate predictions on shipping” and that “a solution to this issue is already being worked on; we expect it to be resolved in a Quantum Break Title Update launching in the near future.” The developer also explains that “after a longer play session, the game can end up in a state where the video memory becomes fragmented, and an important asset gets moved to system memory, which slows the rendering performance significantly.” Although this problem is “very rare,” Remedy is investigating and it continues to work with AMD and NVIDIA to address issues and improve overall game performance.

A fix for Quantum Break‘s crash at launch issue is also being worked on, says the developer, and it is “working on giving users more control to turn on and off features like film grain” as although “we love the artistic choice for our game, but we also want to give PC gamers more choice.” Microsoft will be “enabling the ability for developers to disable v-sync and adding support for G-Sync and Freesync monitors,” which should address the Windows 10 frame-rate lock issue, an exit option in the main menu is on the way and on download issues, Remedy says that the “Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer will massively improve the overall experience for these kinds of big games.”

While many PC players appreciate that Remedy is “working diligently” on these fixes, and that the studio has apologized for any issues with the game, others argue that – with Quantum Break being in development so long – these issues should not have been present at all. Some also argue that with Quantum Break PC having such an alluring offer (players can get a free copy of Alan Wake, for example), it was wrong to draw PC players in if the game doesn’t run smoothly on the platform.

Source: Remedy Entertainment